CPU upgrade advice


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I have below Motherboard:

I'm using a AMD Ryzen 3700X on it.
My most uses of cpu is for rendering on blender, cinema 4d, Vray with 3ds max.

I can upgrade CPU to 5950X, 5900X, 5800X, 3950X for 3d Rendering ?

Which processor is safe for 3 hours long rendering from above ?


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If you have the cash for CPUs like a 5950X you should spring for an X570 board (better thermals). The cooler for the CPU and the case and fans you are using is going to be a factor too. The higher you go, the more cooling you are going to need.

Having said all that the Tomahawk is a great board and you might be OK around the 5700x 5800x area. Rendering work needs all the cores and RAM you can muster. If you make $$ with this rig I would go all out since the 5950x and 5900x are at an all-time low price. I guess you heard that AM5 socket and 7000 series Ryzens are expected soon? They will be using DDR5 ram and there will be another uplift in performance over the 5000 series.

It's not a huge change but it is a new platform which means you will have more solid years ahead to upgrade that in the future.