Crash during video playback, pixels show around cursor prior to system crash

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May 11, 2008
  1. I built a new PC a while back, specs are:
    Intel QX9650
    Asus Striker II Formula 780i Motherboard
    2x 512Mb Geforce 8800GT in SLI (Asus EN8800GT)
    4Gb Corsair 800mhz ram.
    Asus SupremeFX II Audio card (Came with the motherboard)
    1000Watt power supply
    250Gb hard drive for my OS, 500Gb for data storage.
    Vista Ultimate x86

    My problem is that when I'm watching some video, every so often the video will get colourful lines through it and a square block will show around my cursor. Photograph of screen: link

    If I move the cursor around after it "glitches", within a few seconds the machine locks up and my monitor goes blank. All I can do is restart the machine.

    Anyone know what is wrong? I have the latest driver for the graphics cards.

    I have a friend who gets the same thing in vista, but says he hasn't had it happen at all in XP.
  2. Route44

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    It sounds like artifacting which occurs when a video card is dying. I speak from personal experience. Or it could be a heat issue. What is your temperature like? How is your airflow? Check to see if your fans are working.
  3. Mindstormer

    Mindstormer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    As I said, the problem seems to be Vista-only. If it were overheating, similar problems should surely occur on XP?

    All 8 of my fans are running fine. Airflow is as good as when it was built two months ago too. :)
  4. Mindstormer

    Mindstormer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Upon looking around some more, it seems to be a fairly widespread problem with 7xx sli boards and vista. =/
  5. Ryuchan

    Ryuchan TS Rookie

    similar problem

    I have the same issue, almost idental specs as the OP but running just a single asus EN8800gt & vista ultimate 64 bit.

    Mindstormer, you found any resolution to the issue yet? Or has anyone else for that matter?
  6. Mindstormer

    Mindstormer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    The problem was with the nvidia 780i/790i motherboards. Nvidia did release an update which most manufactures picked up. If your motherboard is the same as mine, just go to the Asus striker II formula's download page and get the latest bios version, put it on a usb flash drive, and update the bios. That should rectify the problem. If not a striker II formula, just check the downloads page for whichever motherboard you have.

    Word of warning though: Make sure you know where your cmos reset switch is as I know sometimes bios updates (Actually, the second latest one, 1305 I think it was) kill the POST and you have to hit the reset switch to reset all the settings so that the updated version of the bios can start clean without any preferences saved from the previous bios version. Not a big deal, but if you don't know what to possibly expect, you might think your motherboard is dead. :)
  7. Ryuchan

    Ryuchan TS Rookie

    updated the mobo to 1501 as you advised, fingers crossed ;)

    I'll update when i have had a few days of clear skies (or not)..

    cheers matey!
  8. Mindstormer

    Mindstormer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Then it should be fixed. :)
    Good luck.
  9. Ryuchan

    Ryuchan TS Rookie

    As promised : just to confirm the bios update worked fine, havent had an issue since, thanks again!
  10. Mindstormer

    Mindstormer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Good to hear. :)
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