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Creating Vista recovery disk from OEM installation? Anyone tried method listed?

By Debbie23
Jul 8, 2011
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  1. Anyone tried the method on linked site to create a Vista recovery (repair) disk, when you DON'T have a Vista installation disk - ONLY have a recovery partition? Vistax64.com

    This is a REPAIR disk, not a repair installation disk, like in XP. The goal is something that could repair some startup problems, replace system files, etc.

    It says will work
    1) if you only have a OEM recovery partition, not an installation disk.
    2) if SP2 is installed - says, "If you have SP1 or SP2 installed, then you will need to replace the recdisc.exe file installed by SP1/SP2 with a non-SP retail version below instead for the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Vista that you have installed."

    Vistax64.com has downloads for these "non-SP retail versions" of recdisc.exe. Since I have an HP imaged version of Vista, guessing w/o some modification to files (as article mentions), there'd be no way to create the recovery disk.

    I'm not sure why (for Vista installed from disk) that having SP1 / SP2 requires replacing the recdisc.exe file to make this recovery disk.


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