Crosshair mobo updates bad?

By patrickh44231
Mar 8, 2008
  1. ok where to start... bought this mobo (crosshair) on newegg read reviews havn't installed it. plan on learning more about over clocking before i really get deep into this project. there was a frequent review comment about the upgrade to bios of 0904 making it usable to the new quads but taking away 1066 recognition for memory. i plan on running an amd athlon x2 6400+ with Corsair(8) X2(4g:2X2gb ddr2) 800mhz 5-5-5-18 1.8v. the mobo says it has a standard of 800mgz and has a setable frequency in bios of ddr2:400, ddr2:533, ddr2:677,and ddr2,800. so i was just wondering why this is. memory standard of 800 can u over clock to 1066? can u go higher? is standard memory a minimal? just looking for a little q and a please and thanks everyone!
  2. raybay

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    You may benefit from a quick read on memory as it applies to that motherboard. Look at what is listed as acceptable by the motherboard manufacturer, then get Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, or whatever. Any should be fine, but if you are going to use the board as a gamer, you do not want Value Ram because of the timings.
  3. Matthew

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    Your motherboard's maximum supported DDR2 SDRAM frequency is 800MHz. If you install RAM rated for 800MHz, you should be able to overclock, assuming the motherboard has the feature. That said, I don't know how far you'll get (somehow I doubt 1066MHz) if your motherboard doesn't support a DDR2 SDRAM frequency beyond 800MHz from stock.
  4. patrickh44231

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    ok i'm just being confused by these post then. from what i was able to see the latter upgrade enables the use of stock 1066 memory **** disables the bios ability to alter the ram voltage. how much of a hinderance would this truelly be? i've been looking at goodies for a cooling system there's "ram cooling clamps" are these really usefull and will they fit on the crossfire board? dont really know where they go

    "Cons: Can not run 1000mhz memory, if you flash the bios to 0905 or 0904 to support the phenom CPU, you can no longer set the memory voltage via the bios. it *says* you can run 1066 memory, but at best you will get 800mhz due to the inability to set ram voltage"
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