CS 1.6 problem

By Vuk250161
Apr 17, 2009
  1. Hi there,i`d like to share a problem about my cs 1.6
    few weeks ago I had like 90-100 fps while playing online,but suddenly it dropped to 20-25.The strange thing is when i`m killed in game and i click on map overview fps jumps immediately to 90... this happened on every server i visited

    I have Compaq cq-70 120US laptop,3 gb ram,intel gma 4500mhd,2 GHz dual core,250 gb hdd and 6mbit conn... Can anyone help? :)
  2. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    hi Vuk250161

    During gameplay, is your graphics card overheating? I had the same problem playing CSS and it was due to the temperature on the card. Also, try updating your graphics drivers from the manufacturer website. Does the game do the same thing if playing offline?

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. Vuk250161

    Vuk250161 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no spyder its okay when i play offline but how do i check if graphic card is overheated cuz lately i had DISPLAY DRIVER igdf HAS STOPPED WORKING AND HAS RECOVERED warning but i dont know if its cuz of this...

    P.S. Updated graphic card but problem still occurs.
  4. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

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