CS:GO Blackscreen Crashing

By N3GaT1v3
Jan 31, 2015
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  1. Hi, I have a MSI Gt70 0ND laptop and recently started having issues with it. I've started to play CS:GO for over a month and recently my laptop is having errors with only this specific game. As I start the game, the game goes in (start up) with a black screen, sometimes the wallpaper (Loading Screen) pops up for 0.1-0.5 seconds then crashes. As I went offline I tried to go in, it worked however switching my internet on again resulted it to start have freeze lags and then crashes, with no error message online or offline.

    As I mentioned this is only an error that happened recently, this happened as I came from work and booted up my PC, I've tried most of the fixes including : Changing launch options, re-installing, ,Checking game cache. re downloading and installing the game (twice) after all those attempts, I had no luck afterwards. I Formatted my laptop (Removing EVERYTHING on my PC), Changing from Windows 8 to Windows 7 which I removed my steam and all files including on C AND D Drive, however still no luck. Afterwards installing all my drivers and re downloading the game, after all this, the game still doesn't work. I've narrowed this down to be an hardware error or something which includes with my program error (Software), however this can be something else I'm not aware about.

    If someone can assist me It would be very much appreciated. Hopefully someone else has fixed this error.

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