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Aug 12, 2008
  1. Hello, well heres my problem. Two days ago, i was doing some clean-up work on my sisters laptop. She had loads of useless programs installed, among which was a version of Bitdefender 9 BETA which was malfunctioning. I uninstalled Bitdefender and everything seemed back to normal. What I mean by normal is that everything was quite slow and programs didnt exactly work properly. On top of that, half the time I started the laptop, Bitdefender kept showing a message that the program isn't working and it would stay that way until i restarted the computer. Basically after uninstalling it, it got rid of the 'slowness'. Now my problem is that while i was copying and pasting files from one directory to another, as soon as i used the 'paste' command (CTRL+V) the installation exe program for Sony Ericsson PC Suite kept coming up. Its still doing so. Any reason as to why everytime i press that combination, this program keeps turning on? Thanks for your help!
  2. CCT

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    (edit: changed my mind here)

    Get your install disk ready and click start, sfc /scannow.

    When that is done, reboot.

    Any change?
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    How about un-install Sony Ericsson PC Suite
    Check Control V out again. All good?
    Re-install Sony Ericsson PC Suite. Now OK ?
  4. ishilicious

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    Hey guys sorry for the late reply, CCT, lol i tried your first suggestion with the windows installer cleanup utility, and it worked like a charm, i'm not getting the execution for that program anymore. THANKS SO MUCH!!
  5. CCT

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    Right and wrong at the same time - oh well!

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