Dark mode - text in comment section appears hidden


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I hop in and out of the site throughout the day, this issue just started happening sometime within the past 60 minutes since I was last here. I use dark mode on the site and just recently while in dark mode, after going to the comments at the end of an article (not in forum mode) the comment section appears white and all type is invisible. This issue is appearing in all articles I go into. I can read the articles just fine, it's the comment section that's having problems.

If I change to white mode, I can see the comment section. If I change back to dark mode, the comments are invisible again. I tried logging out and clearing my cache, it hasn't helped. Just wanted to post here to let you guys know that something doesn't seem to be working correctly. Below is a screen shot of the comments and how I see them:

The next picture is showing how I can highlight the text with my mouse so it's visible while in dark mode:
capture 2.PNG

This picture is while I'm using the site with white mode active:
capture 3.PNG

Julio Franco

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Thanks for reporting this. We added some performance optimizations this week and there's been a few bugs because of that, but it's all sorted so it should be fine now.