Dark Souls - PC Edition

By Kserijaro
Feb 18, 2014
  1. I wanted to try and play Dark Souls and since its an older game I borrowed it from a friend.
    I installed everything and asked for his GFWL profile to play it.
    And this is where the problems began. The game worked on my PC before ( he tested it cus my hardware is better). But, in the meantime Games for Windows Live got shut down. The Steam Game sale doesn't let me purchase the game cus it is region locked(after googling it, it showed a GFWL issue related result). Ok. So the original, purchased game doesn't wanna start. It enters a loading screen. Shows me Gfwl overlay, all neat. The second I get to the game's menu, it crashes. Tried every fix, nothing worked. Got pissed and torrented the game (hoping the pirates deleted the GFWL requirement) After applying fixes and cracks, the game acts EXACTLY as the original. It loads, get to the menu, crash to desktop with no errors. Just plain desktop crash "stopped working". I am on windows 7 64bit.
    Then I took both cracked and original game to a friend that has XP, and both games work on his PC.
    I reinstalled the games several times, reinstalled to the newest GFWL, updated my old acc on it. Dled the latest NET framework. I even bought a joypad just to play this game. I tried casting spells on my PC, and nothing worked!
    There is one thing and it can be a possible problem. Troubleshooting GFWL program leads me to a guide that a certain service needs to be up and running. And that is BITS.
    However, the BITS service reports a error 1053 ( did not respond in timely fashion) and it can't be started.
    The ultimate fix for everything is a clean Windows reinstal, but I don't wanna do it.
    I got a scannow log as it reported some problems are unfixable, but I cant read that properly.
  2. St1ckM4n

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    We can't help you with the pirated copy.

    Try running the original in Windows XP compatibility mode, as Administrator.

    In any case, GFWL is horrendous and this shows you why. :mad:
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