Data backup and storage to CD-RW's using "Drag & Drop" or "Save as..."

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I just got a new Hewlett Packard computer with Windows XP. The CD drive is a combo CD reader, writer and DVD. The main reason I need it is to backup my many documents, database programs (RootsMagic family history, Quicken, etc.), photographs and drawings. The pre-installed burning program on the computer is Adaptec's (I think) Sonic RecordNow!, which is useless for my needs because of the way it works. The HP tech suggested I download DLA to enable me to use "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, but I haven't had much luck with that, either. What I need is to be able to use a CD-RW as a giant floppy - to add, delete, copy, edit and move files, just as I do on my regular floppies, using "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, or "save as...". What software do I need for this? Please use "baby-talk" with me, because I don't understand any of the initials, terms and technical language I see all over these forums. Thanks, Dellasha


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The most versatile program for that is "Nero"
The latest version Nero6 Reloaded is a bit bloated, maybe the NeroMIX will do better for you. Read the specs here:

The part that interests you specifically is InCD.


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What your looking for is Packet Writing software ;
INCD by Nero and Direct CD by Adaptec.
But you have to buy these bundled with a CD/DVD media authoring software programs that run around $70 . Nero 6.6 is what I use and like , but I will warn you since you wanted "baby talk"
These programs sometimes' can' be hard to configure.
You can get assistance here or other places ,but be prepared.
Once you get set up ,however they are great.Get back to us if you want to walk through it.


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Yes, I had Adaptec's Direct CD on my old computer and that's how my CD's were formated. They worked very well for me then, but I've had a terrible time with them on this computer and have lost the data on several. I can't even re-format some of them. I don't know what was "bundled" on this computer, but I know I can't buy anymore expensive software. I'm very frustrated and wish I had kept my other computer. I got along beautifully with Windows ME and the pre-installed programs. XP has been nothing but headaches for me. Thanks to for trying to help, though. Dellasha


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Windows XP has its own built-in CD-writing stuff. Somewhere in the settings you can turn this off. Only then will another program, such as Adaptec or Nero work properly.
Try NOT to install more than 1 CDRW-program at the time, they have been known to clash.
The built-in CD burning capability is actually easy to use if you forget about the
previous tools and utilities that have come before. Assuming everything is installed
correctly and operational, the basics are as follows:

Data CD

1. Insert the new media into the CD-RW drive.
2. A dialog box will pop up giving several options. Select "Open writable CD folder
using Windows Explorer" and select the OK option.
3. Drag and drop any folders and files as needed to this window. (Windows is making
a copy of the data at this time)
4. To write to the CD, select the "Write These files to CD" option in the upper left
hand options area of Windows Explorer.
5. Wait for the write to complete and chek your work.

Music CD (Disk Copy - kinda)

1. Insert the new media into the CD-RW drive.
2. A dialog box will pop up giving several options. Select "Select media to copy
to CD using Windows Media Player" and select the OK option.
3. Using the Media Player, select a stored "playlist" to copy to the CD by selecting
the "Copy to CD or Device" button. (If all you want to fo is copy and existing CD,
unfortunately, you have to copy[rip] the source music onto disk using the "Copy from
CD" button first.
4. Once you have selected all the playlists to be copy, press the "Record to CD"
button in the upper right corner of the Media Player. (The selected tracks will be
re-convirted to a CD recognizible format and then burned to the CD.)

Note: If making [archive] copies are all you want to do, you might be better off purchasing
an XP tested CD utility software program.
If you want to turn off the ability to using the built-in CD burner software that
comes with WindowsXP:

1. Open up the Explorer
2. Right click on the drive that is your CD burner
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Recording tab
5. Uncheck Enable CD recording on this drive
Adaptec's Direct CD with VISTA

I am having a simular problem using VISTA, I have alott of data from my old system using Direct CD. I checked the WEB and I see "Adaptec UDF Reader Driver". Will this work with VISTA?
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