Databases, scripts, and teenagers

By CapnYousef
Sep 10, 2009
  1. Ok, so I'm in a highschool of 2700 students and a Board of Education Helpdesk of about three. I'm one of the 2700 students.

    The BoE just asked me to give them a webpage thats basically one simple form, which sounds pretty easy.

    The trick is, this form has to funnel into a database as it is used for senior yearbook quotes.

    The form would look a little like:

    Name=(1-40 character limited)
    student id=(5 digit numerical)
    line1=(20 character limited)


    Now, I know how to poke around Access and Dreamweaver. My school isn't the MySQL type place, and even if it was, I would have no idea how to work anything.

    I'm hearing I'm going to need some level of scripting knowledge to get this data base funneling going... I have direct access to the upload/hosting server for the website, if it helps. Creating the page aesthetically isn't the issue, its the backbone I'm confused on.

    If someone knows anything about this, throw me a rope please - I'm sorry if what I've said isn't entirely coherent, I can clarify.
  2. brucethetech

    brucethetech TS Enthusiast Posts: 229

    this really depends on the HOW you want to retain the data (the end result) this will determine the best route to get there. the options are numerous. however it will reqire a tad of sripting knowledge. you can pretty easily pipe output to a .txt file, multiple files withing the same directory, or a sql database (you'll need more help with this). main question is WHEN THE LAST STUDENT FILLS OUT THE FORM, WHAT DO YOU NEED ALL OF THE DATA TO LOOK LIKE.
  3. CapnYousef

    CapnYousef TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    Multiple text files would be AWESOME actually, I mean i know SQL or any real grown-up database would be a hassle but if each text file outputted like

    Name=Cindy Dawkins
    Line2=ETC ETC ETC
    Line3=MORE ETC
    Line4=THANKSSS <3

    thatd be awesome, yearbook editors could take a load of txt files ea
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