Dazed & Confused.. of which PSU

By rafdmr24
Feb 3, 2009
  1. Hello everyone. I just bought an XFX 9800GT & to my dismay, it didn't run smoothly as i thought it would be. Games, websites ctd. All because of my low wattage psu. It didn't occur to me to change the psu when using the latest gfx cards because it came with a 6 pin to dual molex connector, so i thought it would be okay. I've done some research on looking for psu's & found to look for the amps as well. Now i don't know just how much i amps i need. I've selected 3 options from my local store, a Coolermaster Real Power Pro 550w with 25amps & two unknown brands which i`ve never heard before both at 500w with one at 27amps & the other at 30amps. All which fits under my budget of 100 bucks. Please advise. Thanks.
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    What are the other two brands?

    And PSUs do not affect performance in any way other than causing crashes or BSODs. So try using the latest drivers and checking if the poor performance is not due to any other component.
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    I`ve forgotten what the brands were but one of them had a clear blue acrylic case with uv buttons & sleeves & the other one was plain looking. I`ve used the latest drivers but all they do is cause bsods (nv4disp.dll or something like that). Other users also reported bsods on nvidia 18X.XX drivers & above on the nvidia forums. So i`ve use the one that came with the gfx card, 177.79 & no bsods so far. As for the rest of the components, all are working fine. I will go down the store tommorrow to look at the brands.

    Edit : I`ve found out the 9800GT amp requirements were 26+amps. So the coolermaster is out of the option.
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