Dcom and artifact issue from css?

By MrDrifter
May 7, 2015
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  1. Hey,

    So I've been getting a dcom issue whenever I play css (and it seems a few other steam based games. Only tried dota2 and css so far) . The main issue was, I'd be playing css, and it'd come up saying 'the dcom service has unexpectedly terminated, shutting down' or something like that, which would the restart the computer. If I shut down that process via command prompt, it would then refuse to let me use mic, or remove my sound, depending on how I went. Since then, I made a thread, nya;

    Which appeared to make it a lot better, however, now I'm getting a bit of a display driver glitch. I'll be playing, and the screen will artifact, or show grey lines on both screens before either flicking back normally, and telling me a display driver failed, with css still being played, but seethrough (can play, but see the background. Can't interact with it, unless you alt tab), OR it'll just freeze like that. It has also once dcom'd on me since.

    So, odds that it's an issue with steam or css? We've cleaned my computer from any malware by the sounds of it, so it's curious that it only does this during gameplay.

    I'll be checking my display drivers in the morning to double check they aren't unstable betas, or out of date. But, did update them fairly recently (within two weeks). Just a weird issue. It doesn't have a set time it does it in. Seems like it happens when the cpu is reaching high usage (itunes, wmpc, steam, chrome with few tabs, and css).

    COULD be related to the card OC, but at the same time, It'd been stable through benchmarks and stress tests, so, I'm unsure it's that

    For reference;
    phenom 955black edition c2 overclocked from 3.2 to 3.7
    16gb corsair vengeance ram
    970a-d3 mobo
    msi 7850 twin frozr (core clock 1050mhz, memory clock 1400)
    cougar 700w 80+ bronze psu
    samsung 120gb ssd
    and two seagate 2tb hdd's
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    Try split-halves:
    1) Access steam and stay out of CSS - - how long are you stable and/or do you still fail?
    2) Then reverse; run CSS and stay out of Steam (obviously I'm no gamer) or does CSS require Steam?
  3. MrDrifter

    MrDrifter TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 26

    I have steam running all the time, and it's doesn't fail, really.
    Although, I just had a bluescreen after updating the ie's that weren't updated (was doing some things before doing the restart to update. Did it last time I waited to restart after updating them. Hasn't done it for other things)

    Can't run css without steam as far as I know

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