Dead graphics card

By most wanted
Oct 24, 2013
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  1. Few days back I was playing GTA 4 on my pc. It was working fine but suddenly its video whoops out. There was only white - yellowish color on the screen and nothing was happening. So, I decided to reset the pc then I turned it off normally. Two days after this when I turned on my pc , it was not turning on. Whenever I push the power button in I see only blink in mouse light and fans in cpu just give a jerk. Although the motherboarrd lights have still gone green. So I thought its power cord problem then I performed each and every possible things. And found that it was not power problem. Then I removed my nvidia gt 220 graphic card and then turned it on. And now it gave me 3 long beeps which signifies base 64k RAM error . So I removed one ram from it and then it worked all correct. But what was the problem with graphic card I have suitable psu of dc output 450w . Specs:- Pentium D 1 gb ram leadtek winfast nvidia gt 220 windows 8 dont know anything about BIOS version.. Please ask anything if I left something...
  2. Cobalt006

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    It may have shorted out do to your memory stick shorting out.. Have you tried the video card ? Sense you remove the bad memory stick. Just to see if maybe it was the memory stick causing the problem.

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