Dead Lenovo laptop

By Bigbro
Aug 18, 2016
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  1. I have a five year old Lenovo laptop that recently crapped out on me. I had just added a RAM stick, changed the HDD out with an SSD and was trying to set up for a dual boot with Linux (on existing Win 10 system).

    After several mis-tries on setting up to dual boot system, all of a sudden this system just died on me.

    I put the HDD back in (replaced the SSD and tried to reboot with no luck.

    Now all I have is a laptop that the power light comes on and nothing else.

    Any good ideas out there?
  2. oliverpowell

    oliverpowell TS Enthusiast Posts: 26

    Hey Bigbro,

    Have you tried your HDD or SSD to any other system? Kindly share the results, that after connecting them to another system, will the above two recognizes the in another system?

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