Decade-long game of Civilization II leads to post-apocalyptic nightmare


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It's 3991 AD. Mother Nature has consumed most of the Earth's surface. Humanity has destroyed the rest. Only 10% of the world's population remains and survivors are embroiled in a...

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That's dedication right there. Unfortunately I have no tips. Or maybe it's fortunate that I have no tips. I like strategy games but could never get into the turn based ones.


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I play settlers 2 over lan. great game. Have had some matches last 10 hours, couldn't imagine the patience needed to keep this civ game going. Only thing that would make it better was if it was multiplayer and not AI.
Only thing that would make it better was if it was multiplayer and not AI.
Could you imagine the frustration you would have towards those people if it was a multiplayer game? If they were friends living in a close area I imagine violence would have erupted at some point in that 10 year game over nuking despite a UN treaty. Never played Civ 2 but I played the later games and people get extremely sensitive over those games. Never really understood why though.


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me thinks Lycerius is a member of the inner party and is in cahoots with the AI to keep their population suppressed and occupied by war..


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Great job, I got nostalgia this game literary glued me to my seat back in 2005 when the iraq war was going on. Lol I remember watching the war footage on cnn and playing this game.


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I know how to win, atleast from the planets view point. He has 2 other AI opponents, annihilate the weeker AI at the cost of the other AI gaining territory and then simply surrender. The AI thats left gets the job of cleaning up all the fallout and building a better world. Cant make more of an arse of it than man has allready eh? LoL.


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He needs to work on his counter-espionage... I don't remember many AI successfully planting a bomb in one of my town, and I played that game a lot, in every difficulty. Also, how can he maintains a decent production with towns that small? One last thing : the white player's unit stack at the left of the 1st picture would be a lot more effective if there was a fortress.
I like how the article is written however. :)


Maybe the real lesson is to relate this game to the political power games that are played everyday between and within nations and see their is no real end to war; except true peace.


lol its like civ is a Simulator of politics and strategy... please . this is only news worth in the sense its a long save game.

but other then the time it took to get there, its useles information.
what lesson did you learn? "war will lead to destruction of humanity"

great, but you don't need a 10 year game to tell you that, just think a litle and you will realize that war is a cycle. and given opportunity...

I dont have a problem with the game or his progress, congratz to him. but its not news worthy.