Deleted .NET Framework; reinstalled; programs do not work

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Apr 25, 2009
  1. I deleted .net framework 1, 2, 3, 3.5 in the Add/Remove window and reinstalled NET. Framework 3.5 which installed all of the version.

    Now there are many issues to resolve, for example Preview in Explorer gives a "Fatal Execution engine error", and "application has generated and excetption...." etc. I tried to uninstall .net framework packages through the ADD/REMOVE window, but they will not uninstall. In fact NO programs will uninstall. Certain other programs like Palm Pilot desktop will not work. Scripts will not run, etc. How do I resolve this .NET Frame work issue? What are my options?

    OS is XP Pro

  2. Route44

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    Can you in any way uninstall the 3.5 and reinstall 2.0? 3.5 is a mess.
  3. dbarnett123

    dbarnett123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Agree 3.5 is a mess.

    I can not uninstall 3.5 or uninstall any program with windows Add/Remove. I can not restore to earlier point.

    Is it possible to import an earlier saved state of the registry?

    Or, what about doing a Windows repair?

    Thanks for your help.

  4. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Doug, Route44 asked me to take a look here because he knew I had successfully installed 3.5. I am running xp home sp3, so "your mileage may vary"...

    But, just a quick read through here, I am wondering if it really is 3.5 that is at issue.
    What kind of issues were you having prior to updating to 3.5?
    Are you absolutely sure you have no malware on board?
    Do you have any minidumps?
    Do you know how to use event viewer?

    These are some things I would investigate before taking further steps.
    Then, after these things, there are some processes available for completely removing Net Framework,
    even when you no longer have it on the Remove/Install ap-let.

    If you even suspect a chance of Malware, go to that board and start at the top, using Avira... which will mean uninstalling your current av. There are alot of McAfee and AVG users I have seen of late, and in each case, it was recommended that they uninstall and use Avira first.

    If you discover malware, which hopefully you won't, create a new thread in that board, and someone will pick you up there... make a note here indicating that is what you are doing.

    I hope this helps... but even if it is a blind alley, we will have eliminated some possibilities and have a better idea what to do next.
  5. dbarnett123

    dbarnett123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Hello and THANK YOU! First for replying and Second to say you were very on target in you diagnosis.

    I have worked several days on the issue and could write volumes BUT, your suggestion was on target Malware and Virus. I had discounted it earlier because I have Computer Associates commerical version runing which updates normally and runs daily. It catches and deletes/quarantines intrusions, and I thought I did not have to worry. But I had tried restoring to numerous earlier state and had re-introduced a virus that was in a System Restore file. Also, restoring to various earlier version caused malware and virus protection software not to run daily. When I Deleted all restore files and ran complete virus/ malware checks I found three Malwares. Deleted; and immediately some of the problems went away. Four programs were damaged and since I could now uninstall software via Add/Remove, I just un-instaled and reinstalled. Firefox Browser was not corrected by this method. The offending agent is . NET Framework 1.1. When I remove the add-on that depend on that .NET, FireFox is working. I would like to fix that if you think it is reasonable. I can not reinstall Spyder2express, which is critical to my Graphics work. However, I do not know where the isssue for that software lies. I have contacted their support tech folks and hopefully they can help. Most other major Software that I use can be initiated; it is yet to be determined if it all preforms correctly in all aspects. All this represents days of tracing down errors to reinstall various programs etc.

    Incidentally, the Event viewer log is relatively clean. There a couple of error that occur, but Computer Associates examined my system and say that the errors are normal and ok to have them.

    What is your thinking on the .NET 1.1 issue?

    I still think this all began with uninstalling and reinstalling all of the .NET programs. I certainly introduced the virus as I was trying to fix that issue. However, if all is working, then may be best to leave well enough alone.

  6. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Doug, glad I could point you in a helpful direction.
    As for Net Framework... My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that
    1. It is an optional component, which some applications may require.
    2. Later versions are designed partly as security enhancements in order to block exploits.
    If you go to MS Updates, they will let you know what critical updates are needed, and which are optional. As I recall, Net 3.5 was optional, but I did it anyway.

    Because of point 1, though, I would say if you don't have applications that require Net Framework, you might consider just getting rid of it entirely. I think that it is true that if you have an application that needs it, it will stall while trying to load and let you know that Net Framework is needed. If you choose to keep Net Framework, update to the last "Critical" update.

    If you choose to get rid of Net Framework completely, there are tools for doing that... Use Google, and you can find them, like I did. In order to update to 3.5 successfully, I did find it necessary to completely uninstall earlier versions with one of those tools.... Now if I can just remember, I will add that to this post with an edit.

    Again... I hope the comments are helpful.
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