Deleted Video card in device manager now no video past splash screen

By pdman1
Jun 20, 2008
  1. OK here's what happened.
    Someone was trying to add a video card to a Gateway GT5228 PC so that they could use two monitors.
    The PC and existing monitor was using the on board video.
    They installed a new video card and loaded drivers for it.
    The on board video showed up in device manager and was deleted.
    Somehow the new video card was also deleted in the device manager as well.
    Now the PC will boot and you will see video until the windows splash screen then the monitor will go blank.
    The PC is running as someone suggested using MS Narrator to hear the menus and try to get to device manager.
    However he was unable to navigate to the device manager using this technique.
    Using F8 and trying to boot into safe mode resulted in the same issues.
    Trying forced VGA also the same.
    Trying to use system restore to roll back to the previous setup also resulted in the same outcome.
    Can anybody suggest a good way to be able to get the video back up and running?
    I personally have not looked at this PC to try a few things but will be looking at it tonight.
    Anyone else run into this problem?
    I would think windows would not allow all video to be deleted from device manager but I guess it has happened to many folks before.
    The OS is XP Pro.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. insoman

    insoman TS Booster Posts: 102

    take out the new card and reboot. restart (whatever happens) and go into BIOS, check your onboard graphics is enabled, save and reboot. were still using the onboard graphics by he way...tell me when you've done the above..
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