Dell 4600C, cannot read any sensors

By supyrow
Nov 5, 2009
  1. I have googled for months... I still have no way of reading any sensors.
    I am running Slackware 12.2 running a kernel-huge. the bios does not have a sensor page.

    I am curious if anyone has this board and windows to at least tell me if any thing has a readout, no matter how minimal.

    Tried lm_sensors, it detects "SMSC LPC47M10x/112/13x Super IO Fan Sensors" with confidence 9

    i have tried the kernel parameter

    this removes the "cannot insert modules / device busy" error message

    and then dmesg gives:

    I have never heard or have any idea of "LEDX", i've searched, and nothing comes up related to what im looking for.

    The thing that tells me there has to be something is, when I didn't properly have the heat sink seated correctly, I got thermal messages...

    Something along the lines of "thermal temperature/normal"
    and this would repeat: 2,000 times, 2,300 times (literally) and fill my "messages" log (300MB) worth of this stuff, ONLY when the CPU hits 100% say i was recompiling my kernel, it would just fill the log. even though it was saying "normal" which was false, it had to be getting the data from somewhere!

    all I'm after is CPU temp. the above tell me there has to be something telling it that there is an event or something happening.

    $> ls
    . dsdt fadt power_resource thermal_zone
    .. embedded_controller fan processor video
    button event info sleep wakeup

    all the fan/thermal_zone/power_resource dirs, are empty
    processor/CPU0 have "info limit power throttling" but have nothing indicating any type of sensor.

    oh and running isadump shows no mercy of my pleas.

    any help would be greatly appreicated. like i said "I am curious if anyone has this board and windows to at least tell me if any thing has a readout, no matter how minimal."

    thanks again.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    This is an older computer, and the motherboards bios are very limited at best. This is what is limiting your sensors
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