Dell and Service Tag

By jaunetravolta
Jun 30, 2010
  1. Hi everybody,

    I need change the Service Tag of my Dell D610. There is always threads regarding this but they are all closed. So, that's why I open a new one.

    I'd read a lot of FAQs into the web and I have try to change it with

    ASSET (1999)
    ASSET_A209 (2004)
    SVCTAG 3.3
    SVCTAG 3.4

    I always boot on DOS and I execute the command. I precise there is no Password defined for Admin, security and HDD.
    The bios is the last one available on Dell Site : A06 of 10/02/2005

    but nothing, I have the following error with the svctag 3.4 :
    Do you want to erase (and/or change) this service tag (Y or N)? y
    Dell Portables EEPROM Erase Program - D-Family Version 5.1
    ... 1990-2003 Dell Computer Corporation.
    *** Dell INTERNAL USE ONLY ***
    Cannot run under a protected environment.
    EE-CPB.exe: Error 0

    it looks I need to have a newer version of SVCTAG... ?
    Why it returns "Cannot run under protected environment" ?

    If someone know where I can find it, it would be helpfull

    thanks a lot

  2. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

    Go to and search for Dell Laptop Bios Master Password Passwort Unlock.
  3. jaunetravolta

    jaunetravolta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Obi,

    thank you for your response, there is no password defined on my laptop

    admin password : Not Set
    security password : Not Set
    HDD pwd : Not Set
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