Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)

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May 29, 2006
  1. raybay

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    Lots of help in this form for Dell BIOS passwords... hundreds of posts. Do a search for Dell BIOS passwords.
  2. jvela001

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    Dell inspiron 700m/710m help pass

    hi everybody i have a dell inspiron 700m my service tag c2r5591, can any helpme to find the master password or only say me in wich eeprom is stored it password.
  3. PaganGod

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    Latitude C400 "shorting method" questions

    I bought a Dell Latitude C400 "as is" from a local thrift store some years ago, and only later (after buying an AC adapter elsewhere) found that it had an administrative password. I paid more for the power adapter than the laptop so I wrote it off, but I came across the system in my garage and decided to see if there was any info about getting past the password. Dell will not help me because I have no idea who the original purchaser was, but it would be nice to get this system working because it would be a nice, small laptop (with a serial port) which would be useful for configuring routers, etc.

    I have located the ATMEL EPROM on the bottom of the board, and even put a hole in the lower case. I made a mod shorter, and have tried many combinations of timing the short on both pins (5 & 6) as per instructions in other threads. If I short too early the system shuts down without posting BIOS splash screen. If I wait long enough, I see the splash, but it shuts down after filling the progress bar at the bottom. If I remove the short during the brief "pause" before the "grey administrator password" screen, it bring up the prompt for the password.

    Does anyone have timing suggestions on how to get the shorting method to work on this system? I have made over 30 attempts on each pin (5 and 6) but I always either have the system shut down, or am prompted for the password. Advice appreciated from anyone who has used this method successfully on this system.
  4. Tedster

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