Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)

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May 29, 2006
  1. Sarahwright

    Sarahwright TS Rookie

    Hello Lamo I hope you can help me to pleaseeeeee, mine is a dell D620.

    The Tag 3JKDF2J-595B.
  2. loup100

    loup100 TS Rookie

    I forget my password, I have laptob dell d630
    srv tag #HWDG03J-595B
    Exp code 389-627-989-75
    Bios ver A02
    I need help, please
  3. kjellemann

    kjellemann TS Rookie

    Hi peeps.

    Can anyone help me out with my Dell Inspiron 8500. I bought it on ebay and the guy dont have the master password.

    Really hope you can help!

    Dell Inspiron 8500
    express code: 89-010-666-91
    Bios revision A02
  4. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    kjellenman, read the eeprom, and post the dump here.
  5. kjellemann

    kjellemann TS Rookie

    I know what eeprom is. Its the bios chip, right?

    How read the eeprom? I dont understand.
    You mean just read what is written on the eeprom?

    Sorry for my lack of tech.
  6. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    kjellemann, you should find on the laptop motherboard eeprom chip, marked as 24cxxxx. if you don't understand, just give laptop to people, who know how to unsolder eeprom and read it.
  7. jrayo71

    jrayo71 TS Rookie

    hi depredator25

    please help with this password for my laptopxps m1210
    service tag B2B0QB1-595B
    and express service code 24084047917
  8. johncarlos

    johncarlos TS Rookie

    Dell D620

    Hi all!!

    I have been up and down the web for weeks upon weeks trying to figure this thing out. I have dell model latitude d620 with service tag JRK7DB1-595B. It seems there are generators and techniques available for all but tags with a similar ending. Does anyone have a reasonable solution? What I mean by reasonable is I'm not willing to pay $200 for thier service. ANY imput is greatly appreciated. Thanks All!!
  9. eym

    eym TS Rookie

    wow fanaly i found a site that may help me i have a Dell Inspiron 8600 i was doin some work went my baby girl who just started to walk came around an pull the cord and down it go's so my HD went out now i have a new HD but is asking for a password on bios can anybody help please thanks

    tag service is

    if you need more info please let me know thanks
  10. Derileec

    Derileec TS Rookie

    dell latitude D410

    i have dell latitude D410 and its locked with a password instart i have read all post on this forum and much more!

    plz help me!!!!!

    Tag : 8L88Y1J

    Epress : 186-979-026-79

    when i start have a code on greay screen its : #8L88Y1J-595B

    how to hack it crack it or do something so i cant use this computer!!!!

    plz help me or i will se if he can fly,,.....
  11. tentmaker

    tentmaker TS Rookie

    Dell XPS M1210 Admin Bios Password

    Dell XPS M1210 Admin Bios Password

    I am rebuilding this for a friend who bought the laptop second hand.

    My Service Tag is JS15N1S-595B

    I would be very grateful if someone could send me the reset code.


  12. crpdanny

    crpdanny TS Rookie

    Dell inspiron e1705

    I have a dell e1705 with the admin password locked


    I have $50 left in my paypal account that i can donate.

    Thank you.

    DBPK, thank for the replied but that dude wants too much.
  13. Vladec

    Vladec TS Rookie

    Hi for all, anybody help me --> latitude D520 gray screen password ST #FWS8S2J-595B, i tryed boot by usb, hdd, cd with svctag tools, but... nothing happend. Is it possible to decode SST25VF0808 dump ?

    I found the message, that bios pass is located in flash area of KBC controler. Anyway, is it possible to baypass something for boot that computer ?
  14. kar3n

    kar3n TS Rookie

    Help Appreciated ^^

    I'm new to these forums but saw that a lot of others were having the same problem that I have. I recently bought a Dell laptop for my boyfriend and it's password locked :(. If anyone could help I would be really grateful! Thank you~

    Dell XPS M1210

    On the gray password screen the numbers are #3LC7QC1-595B

    the express service code is 7820652817

    Thanks again!! ^^

    "SYNTAX ERROR" TS Rookie

    Comments, thoughts, needed.

    As it's good advice to ask before you act, I ask the following question, and welcome any feedback from experienced members.

    I've found some very good deals on used laptops from a local liquidator. They buy units from companies when they upgrade or replace, and sell in mass. In looking through their available stock I found several nice units, and was interested in a Dell Latitude c-640 unit that was loaded, running and in good shape. I checked out the unit "as is" and decided that it would be perfect for my needs, got the price and left to check another place. In reading a few posts I learned about the issues with Dells and the password troubles. Armed with this info I returned the next day to check out the Dell for these issues. Of course "as is" when asked, meant "as is". So I've determined this unit I want is in the following order.

    Primary Password > Disabled
    Admin Password > Enabled
    Configure Setup > Disabled
    Configure Passwords > Enabled
    Hard Drive Password / System Primary > Diabled

    Attempting to make BIOS changes was not possible due to the assumed Configure Setup password unknown. I also jotted down the svc tag before leaving noted in the BIOS screen 8Z8JB21-595B, but there was no express code listed????

    The deal is good, and the unit works excellent, however would want the I/R port and ability to configure the BIOS before making a bad purchase mistake. Is this a simple thing to resolve, or would it be better to keep looking as I've read so many posts about this being a big bother and requiring tear down. I'm an ID10T with delicate things.....LOL.
  16. gandalf78

    gandalf78 TS Rookie

    Hi to all

    This is my first post to this forum.
    I have read much to how remove master password in dell computers and thanks all for the precious information that you have gave.

    I have read all the thread but anyone have a free solution for unlock Dell D620 and similar (rustam only :slurp:)

    I have assembled from 2 brocken dell d620 1 laptop. But obviusly i can't access to this hibryd pc.

    The service tag is FWQ8B2J-595B

    Please rustam, you are the guru of this thread

    And If I was rich I can bought a new laptop


    cerone_s at
  17. MightyTL

    MightyTL TS Rookie

    Service Tag: #3W3XSB1- 595B
    Express Code: 8471879821

    Lost my BIOS password... CAn you HELP??? Please!!

    Thank YOU VERY MUCH!!
    info.andy (at)
  18. qtxdevil

    qtxdevil TS Rookie

    hey just wondering if you can help

    took apart a dell 600m to remove the pw...

    but i can not find the eeprom chip

    the picture that i did find was very blurry and not very descriptive.

    if someone has better pictures or a better description please post it here or e mail it to me at email removed


    might be the same as a d600?
  19. arguc

    arguc TS Rookie

    Dell Inspiron 6400 bios master password help please


    I need help removing a bios password from a Dell Inspiron 6400

    G07S72J-595B service tag

    34841590219 express service code

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate any help given.
  20. crommo

    crommo TS Rookie

    HDD pasword!

    Just got a d610, it was admen locked and i did the EEPROM shorting method that i found on Paragons website, via this site.
    I got rid of the admen PW, but now the hard-disk is locked.

    the hdd tag is:

    any help would be awesome, Thanx

  21. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    it is called an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) - not an eeprom.
  22. crommo

    crommo TS Rookie

    I thought it was "Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory"?
  23. xenko78

    xenko78 TS Rookie

    d520 bios password

    Hello i have problem with my dell if any one can help me please...
    this dell have 25VF080B i have hex dump but i can't decode password.
    here is data from this computer:
    service tag 3F57H2J
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE 74-460-864-43

    thanks if any one can help me
  24. kjellemann

    kjellemann TS Rookie

    eeprom dump

    Hi again!

    Dell Inspiron 8500
    express code: 89-010-666-91
    Bios revision A02

    The dump for the eeprom is : 24u04

    Would really appreciate the master password!
  25. xenko78

    xenko78 TS Rookie

    send me dump i can give you password stored inside eeprom
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