Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)

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May 29, 2006

    "SYNTAX ERROR" TS Rookie

    So I've read a few back posts, and maybe restate my question for help.

    rustam_ "I am in need of your skilled service please." THANK YOU

    Want to purchase Dell C640 Latitude with only BIOS locked.
    Serv Tag 8Z8JB21-595B
    Exp Serv Code 19544912569 <found after return visit, on small bottom sticker>
  2. arguc

    arguc TS Rookie

    Rustam Help Me Please........

    I need help removing a bios password from a Dell Inspiron 6400

    G07S72J-595B service tag

    34841590219 express service code

    Please master code

    Thank you so much.
  3. rappinlarry

    rappinlarry TS Rookie


    Service Tag: DX92BC1

    Express Service Code: 30308778721

    Any help would be Appreciated!

    Thanks and God Bless!
  4. PC-Dokter78

    PC-Dokter78 TS Rookie

    Dell D620

    I got a dell latitude d620.

    When I was away to do something my cousin puts a password on my laptop.
    I disammebled, but I can't reset the password.

    Dell offers to remove it, but because of the fact the warranty is over they will make a bill of 200 euro.

    Can somebody help?

    Servicetag: J3HY72J-595B
    Express code: 415-704-118-51

    Thank you in advice
  5. patricknl

    patricknl TS Rookie


    hello do you now sombody from dell who help my whit my d620 password
    i wil pay regards patrick
  6. mike_ny

    mike_ny TS Rookie

    Dear all,

    I have Dell Inspiron 700m, and also need help with the BIOS password. I'd appreciate if anyone can help.

    Service Tag: 1687091
    Express Service Code: 2553343237

    I used to have password on accessing Setup only, but after I try Ultimate Boot CD to test memory, I suddenly swipe CMOS settings and now it ask me for BIOS password to start computer. I am very bad at soldering :-( but will try if anyone give some hints.

    Thanks for any help,


    Hi all,

    I fixed my problem by calling Dell Support at 800-624-9896. I am in U.S. I told them I purchased this laptop through eBay, and wiped all CMOS setting by mistake. That tech told me to transfer the ownership at Dell support website. and then help generate the password for my Dell 700m. The transfer ownership is only available for United States.

    All I paid is $39.99 for expired warranty support.

    Hope this help others,
  7. Mikisan

    Mikisan TS Rookie

  8. pctech-hitman

    pctech-hitman TS Rookie

    In desperate need of help!

    I know you have herd this story to often but it doesn't hurt to ask for assitance from a expert. I received a brand new laptop for the holidays because my old one died. So when I powered it on i recieved a a grey screen with a message about entering the system or administrator password. I have no clue WTH this is and why it is asking for it. So, I called Dell and them my inforamtion along with the service tag and the express service code. They informed me that the service tag and the express service code are registered to different places neither of which match the model of the machine or the place where the machine was ordered. I am in desperate need of this machine while i am over seas working until mid february. I deperately need your help.

    Dell Latitude D830
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE: 9970995565
  9. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    So where did you buy this brand new laptop from? E-Bay?
  10. simlock

    simlock TS Rookie

    dell d620 service tags #DV V 7F2J-595B AND #G566F2J-595B i took out cmos now wont boot to setup so thinking this is admin password can son=me please help me please thanks :)

    this is a latitude model :)
  11. wanttolove

    wanttolove TS Rookie

    DELL vostro 1500
    service tag : GSMSQD1
    Express code: 36559862389

    Please help me removing the admin password
  12. Cwluc

    Cwluc TS Rookie

    Thank you so much in advance

    Service Tag :5JBV9D1-595B
    Express Code :12052703269
  13. pctech-hitman

    pctech-hitman TS Rookie

    I bought the laptop at a PC show while I was in the states from what I thought was a an authorize dell vendor.
  14. Ricas3118198605

    Ricas3118198605 TS Rookie


    Hey all,

    I have seen trough the old posts about removing Dell passwords, but can't find a way to generate a master password.Please help me.

    My servicetag is: jg03t2j-595b
    express service code 423-265-008-43

    Hope that someone can deliver a masterpassword.
    Send to my Dj_Ricardo_3118

    Sorry my really bad english.
  15. simlock

    simlock TS Rookie

    hi im willing to pay 20 dollars for this today via paypal or direct bank not western union regards
  16. zerox666

    zerox666 TS Rookie

    There is no password in that flash.

    I already sold the 25VF08 from an unlock D620 to one locked and this stay locked (I did unplug the onboard battery to avoid any kind of remaining volatile password).

    Sorry my english
  17. Maurafarah

    Maurafarah TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D620

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D620 with service tag #3TSFN2J-595B, and I can´t access the bios, i´ve tried the shorting method but it haven´t worked, there is no eeprom to flash... I also tried the master passwords you give in some threads, with no luck... I disconneceted the CMOS battery, no luck...
    I also tried the boot cds you link, but i can´t not boot from the cd even if i take out hdd...I´m becoming crazy! could you help me?

    Thanks in advance from Spain,

    Mauri Gómez
  18. Ricas3118198605

    Ricas3118198605 TS Rookie

    I m Lost

    Hey everybody

    I have seen trough the old posts about removing Dell passwords, but can't find a way to generate a master password.Please help me.

    My servicetag is:
    express service code 42326500843
    Model Latitude D520
    Hope that someone can deliver a masterpassword. I´m fallin
    Send to my Dj_Ricardo_3118
  19. HatNet

    HatNet TS Rookie

    Dell Inspiron 6400

    Service Tag: 1sx3w2j
    Express Service Code: 39-254-441-23
  20. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    @HatNet, so you have a dell inspiron 6400 with the service tag 1sx3w2j and the express service code 39-254-441-23? I thought someone else bought this laptop, hmm!? or did you want to tell us something different?

  21. HatNet

    HatNet TS Rookie

    Yes is not my laptop but is my friend ask me to do for it i try remove cmos and ect.. didnt work if i cant do probably i will call dell support on monday
  22. sjmughal

    sjmughal TS Rookie

    I lost the Dell Inspiron 2650 BIOS Password

    Friends, I lost the Dell Inspiron 2650 BIOS Password, The Service Tag
    is HTYLJOJ and Express Service Code is 388-169-301-79. I am new on this Forum, I am looking a BIOS Password Cracker or any other Program which will Re-Set the BIOS Password. Program/Utility must be for a FDD because my first Boot Option is FDD.
    Regards to all the GENIUS.
  23. Tedster

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  24. mscrx

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    download the floppy disk image and put it on a floppy disk. password for the rar file is 'smellyalater'.
    boot your laptop with it and change or delete the service tag. this will also remove the bios configuration password.

    good luck!
  25. terminal

    terminal TS Rookie

    Dell D820 bios password

    Hello to everyone:
    I'm new to the forum and have a question.
    Can someone send me the password for this service code.
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