Dell BIOS Password Removal

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Dec 29, 2005
  1. TbG

    TbG TS Rookie


    I recently aquired a laptop that was givin to an employee at current employer.

    This employee was terminated in the last week, and when leaving, they changed, removed, and made everything as hard as possible to get back.

    Since then, the laptop that is now mine (the Corp. wrote it up as a loss, and threw it away) and I have no way of getting into it.

    Latitude D600:
  2. blade042

    blade042 TS Rookie

    need help also

    service tag help help
  3. Kieron.Ash

    Kieron.Ash TS Rookie

    Try 24YTCMBW
  4. marcin1221

    marcin1221 TS Rookie

    Plese help me !!

    I have dell latitude 110L with locked bios.
    When I turn it on it shows me message to write password which i don't know.

    Service tag is #6D79R1J-595B

    Plese help !!
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Try this program to reset ur BIOS password.
    The page has instructions. Follow them explicitly and make sure to read the line that says U CANNOT REMOVE THE BIOS PASSWORD FROM A LAPTOP COMPUTER!!! The password for a laptop BIOS is stored on an EEPROM chip which needs to be erased using UV and rewritten by a programmer. An EEPROM programming program can also be used but other guys might know about these.
  6. dchasteau

    dchasteau TS Rookie

    I have a dell inspiron 2200 and it says " Hard disk #1*1*1*1*1*1-595b, the system modular bay HDD, is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access data on this hard drive without the correct password. What am i to do. i need help please
  7. datoad04

    datoad04 TS Rookie

    i need some help! !


    I Just purchased a Dell C540 from a friend of mine and I can't do anything because of a white screen that says #BBFK331-595B is protected by a password authentication system or something like that... can you help? also my express service code is 24635864989..
  8. dchasteau

    dchasteau TS Rookie


    try typing the 595B for the password, it works for me
  9. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Hi all

    has all the answers you need to this thread.

    Rustam only comes on occasionally, if your lucky enough to get him.

    No other software mentioned in this thread will remove a service tag password on a dell machine, trust me I am an expert in this field having been dealing with this for about 6 months now..

    Any questions you have PM me , I read them daily...

    As for this
    "The password for a laptop BIOS is stored on an EEPROM chip which needs to be erased using UV and rewritten by a programmer. An EEPROM programming program can also be used but other guys might know about these"

    Nope not true, they are stored on a prom chip and cant be erased only reset using the shorting method.

    I know I sound big headed but so what, I am what I am
  10. RayIsMe

    RayIsMe TS Rookie

    Rustam_ ROCKS!


    I know you've heard this a thousand times before, but... I now have a Dell Inspiron 8500 that I bought on ebay ( ) and after spending weeks soldering in a new backlight, found that it is password protected. I cannot get passed the BIOS screen. I have to get this thing up and going for school. My programming class is nearly impossible to pass without one. I already sold my old laptop before this one came, so right now I'm S-O-L. Please, if you can help me, that would be awesome.

    My Service tag is DKS6X21
    Express service tag: 29554845913
    eMail: email removed

    Thanks so much,
  11. rustam_

    rustam_ TS Rookie

    it is really eeprom chip and it can be reprogrammed onboard, but it need additional hardware and software, which is too complicated for most users.
  12. spudley1989

    spudley1989 TS Rookie

    Need help with customers laptop

    Hi Rustam_, I work at a computer repair shop and recently had a customer bring in a laptop he had bought off ebay. He does not know the password to access it. We quoted him for a motherboard and hard drive replacement to fix the problem. Service tag#: 9YPSB91-595B and express service code#: 21690202357. I have used the latitude.exe program and have had no luck with the number it generated for me. If you could help with the password that would be greatly appeciated! Thanks
  13. Firechief

    Firechief TS Rookie

    I hope the CEO's of this manufaturer burn in Dell!!!

    I am a Fire Chief for a local volunteer fire department, I have a friend that owns a couple of resale shops and has given me Dell Inspiron 2200, Service Tag #6Y0NZ71-595B that he aquired from some bulk purchases. Unfortunatly it has the horid gray screen!! He has indicated that the VFD can have the laptop provided we can get past the password problem. He is tired of going round and round with Dell. I too tried to do the reregistering thing only to spend an hour being passed around a system that finally says .....forget it you are screwed!!!!! Please help us........

    Lance Trout
    Fire Chief
    Mid-North Vol FIre Dept
  14. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    You can all wait for rustam ,,

    Or you can go here...

    Please read the site through and feel free to email me for help, the addy is on the site


    Think I dont know what i'm talking about? check the sig and the site is mine as well...
  15. studer13

    studer13 TS Rookie

    Help me too PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Hey Rustam I noticed you were helping with master passwords for Dell computers well here is my story.

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 8000 for a gift to a friend of mine off of ebay, but when it got here it wouldnt boot up I have completly disassembled it and put it back together at least 8 times looking for jumpers or anything to reset the bios but no luck at all. If you could help me out I would be infinatly greatful.

  16. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    There are no jumpers , you have to either obtain a password via rustam or see my site above to use the paperclip method, there is a PDF on the site with instructions.

  17. studer13

    studer13 TS Rookie

    Hey Ididmyc600

    Could you send me a description or pic of where i could find the inspiron 8000 eeprom chip location. It would be much appreciated.

  18. fryedman

    fryedman TS Rookie

    G`day rustam

    I was wondering if its possible to fix a Dell latitude c840 (to get a new password on start up)

    I recieved this dell from a friend, he was going to bin it so I thought I would have a go at fixing it, the main reason for this is to give it to my father for a gift when he comes and visits me in Japan,

    Hope to hear from you when you have the time



    s/t f21b61x
    E/S/C 34770251877
    REV A14
    Dell latitude c840
    Model no pp01x
    dell LBL P/N 7j081 a01
  19. islandman808

    islandman808 TS Rookie

    Trouble In Paradise

    My name is Lanakila I'm From Hawaii, and I'm asking for help like everyone else here on what to do with the gray and white password screen. Any help would be appreciated. It was bought on Ebay, and I too got screwed. I'm a college student here and could really use this laptop, but I'm not very computer literate. HELP PLEASE!!

    SYSTEM #74NK661-595B
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE 15518913337
  20. george913

    george913 TS Rookie

    hello.i have a dell d610 and i need master password beacause somebody from my family change this pass.


    please help me
  21. fryedman

    fryedman TS Rookie

  22. latitudeD610

    latitudeD610 TS Rookie

    rustam_ please HELP!

    My name is Andrey, and I am from R.Moldova.
    I have a Dell Latitude 610,
    Service Tag: GWMC02J-595B
    Express Code: 368-009-465-23
    and I need Master Pw for him.
    Please send it too me. My e-mail is email removed
    Sorry for bad English.
    Please help me!
    Thank You Very Much!
  23. fryedman

    fryedman TS Rookie

    cant rastam start his own thread for the masses??

    Hi all you need to write a bit of a story for rastam, he likes it like that, and then if he likes the story or if he has the time he will help, I think he helps about 2 or 3 people a week, so you can wait and pray or if you are a bit of a handy person you can do it your self, if you do, do at your own risk, i did it and It wasnt that hard for my model, just remove the key board and it right there latitude c840 is my model.

    well thats it for me, I read the above threads and pdf now Im on the home stright thanks to the guys and gals here at techspot
  24. deano11111

    deano11111 TS Rookie

    hi rustam i have tryed all strings that i could find got prog for admin password but with no luck could you please help my s/t is #cg1cb0j-595b e/s/c is 270-911-006-11 now house found this in loft please help.
  25. studer13

    studer13 TS Rookie

    Hey guys I am pleased to announce that the paper clip method works quite well all you have to do is locate the 24CO2 chip, which in the case of a Dell Inspiron 8000 is located just under the CD drive bay that is screwed in, but located on the top of the motherboard rather than the bottom which makes shorting a little difficult, by the way burning the ends off of a bread tie works much better than a paper clip, simply short the 3rd and 6th legs on the chip 1st leg is top right corner with chip facing downwards and 6th is right accross from it and your on your way to a fully functional laptop. Many thanks to everyone here on TechSpot who contribuited, Mainly you Ididmyc600

    Thanks agian

    P.S. Im pretty educated with most things pertaning to computers so if anyone needs help just ask me and Ill be happy to try and help

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