Dell BIOS Password Removal

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Dec 29, 2005
  1. joe smith

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    Your So Right Share I Wounder Why He Doesnt

  2. monkie

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    Paragon33, thankyou for the time end effort you put into this thread and your collection of DST software, 48+24 pages was alot of reading, but without it my ***** customer would now have a verry expensive doorstop.
    i am a selfemployed computer repair man and your instructions have been invaluable to me.
    My only problem at the moment is that the version nr. of the software on your site will not work for the inspiron 510m.

    SVCTAG diskette version A27 SVCTAG.EXE 3.3

    your version.txt shows the previous release had svctag.exe v 3.4 and from reading the threads i understand i need v 3.5 or higher to repair this laptop and reinstall windows.
    this is complicated by the fact that you cant really tell one svctag.exe from the other untill you run it in dos.
    i can understand why one might not want to release to the wild a version of svctag.exe that unlocks the very latest laptops, but from what i understand v 3.3 has been around so long it would be nice to be able to download a clearly labeled more recent version.

    if anyone can help me with this i would be grateful, and thxs for your time :)
  3. BILL_S

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    Back to a C600 Dell

    I JUST got a Dell C600 off eBay, the auction is still listed there, for a grand total of $77. This is my sixth laptop in all, (still have second hand IBM PS/note 425c, Toshiba 410CS/cdt and recently came upon a Texas Instruments TM5300 for $5!) and my second Dell (also have 500MHz P3 LS). It's the best one by 200Mhz, however, the processor lists as 550/700, so it must vary between those speeds, and most C600s lists at 850Mhz but now I see one with 1Ghz so that's good news! I think 512MB is max memory, but with two slots, I am wondering about 1GB memory? The main thing to address is the Service Tag. I downloaded Paragon's floppy image maker, it booted but said it was a non-booting/system disk and stopped! I was surprised to say the least as nothing further is mentioned. My password locks the BIOS but the system still booted discs and CDs... I'm curious if I even need to really worry about resetting it, however, I want to up the processor and memory if possible. Thanks for any and all help. BTW, I tried the Dell 'backdoor' mentioned as well as the Debug utility, nothing resulted. My system was rebooted as well. The service tag is 3L4W301 It is listed on two external stickers as well as on screen. There is no Asset Tag assigned in BIOS report
  4. BILL_S

    BILL_S TS Rookie

    Suggested method?

    Would this work on the Dell C600? I could list my BIOS info, I think Phoenix lists the last date on the boot screen as 1988, but below that is the 2001 date, and mine has Win2000 for 1 or 2 CPU sticker COA
    I don't have a Win2K disk but would a restore disk from Dell work with this COA tag? Sorry to get all over the place here, but I'm trying to get informed.. All links to info welcome!!!
  5. cave_man

    cave_man TS Rookie

    Paragon33, i wanted to say thanks for the link, i downloaded the PDF from your site regarding my inspiron 1100, but im still not havin any luck.
    i do want to ask you if it is possible for this to lock all by its-self, or did someone have to set this password, i bought this off a friend, who bought it from the redbarn flea markets, i have used it for several years before i gave it to my kid, she used it all last year then was out of college for the summer, Now when powered back up it had the password, she swears up n down she has never put a password on it, nor has she ever let anyone even touch it. "she says"
    this is the main BIOS password.
  6. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Bill S

    I saw the one you bought and considered bidding on it, but I have six "cracked" Dells sitting on the floor of my work room right now waiting for me to list them on Ebay!! Those "backdoor", debug, etc. never worked for me. Except for rustam's Password Generator-and he is in absentia now- the EEProm Chip shorting/grounding is all I am aware of and what I use myself.
    The Dell C600 uses a Intel P3 Speedstep CPU and can go to 1ghz, BUT, not all the boards used will support that speed and usually will require the latest BIOS to use the maximum. This Fan utility from Germany has an additional feature callled SYSTEM INFO which will tell you the present speed of the CPU, plus the maximum speed the board will support.
    I would flash your BIOS to the latest version, then download and install the utility. use it to check the Maximum speed possible before you spend any money on a 1 GHZ CPU.
    Now as to the DST diskette. Did you first make a System Disk with W98 or a DOS Bootable Disk with W-XP and then unzip the DST.Zip to that disk using Extract All? The first thing you should do before worrying about the rest is get rid of the Admin/Configure Setup Password by using a properly made DOS bootable disk to delete and then reset the Service Tag which clears that password. Nothing else is necessary for that type. The EEProm shorting is only necessary if you have the "Grey Screen" Primary/User type.
    The C600 will only use PC100 Low Density RAM-2x256mb Modules- and 256mb is the largest module made for that speed. The subsequent C610 uses PC133 with 2x512mb modules, can use a 1.2ghz P3 CPU, the boards support UDMA5(C600 only UDMA2) and at least a 100gb drive, plus other advantages.
  7. dropzone2006

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    dell latitude d610 password lock

    Hello everyone
    first time poster long time reader...
    i work for a archery company and help moderate a site called verry simmilar to this one (so i already feel at home here :)
    any hoo i bougt a laptop from a guy at work (who no longer works there)and cant get past the grey screen password section
    it s a dell latitude d610
    it gives a # of 2Q72S71-595B ...i would much appericiate any help anyone could give me
    Ps who ever helps me ill send a free set bow strings or if you just need a new set let me know
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    Threads merged.
  9. BILL_S

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    Hey, Thanks for popping in Paragon33!
    It is pretty nifty as the screen is really alot better then claimed, as are the scratches on the top looks virtually new! Bad display hinge, is too tight and straining the case... I need help here!
    I tried a number of password ideas, and the former LS is the L400 type with no internal drives, I used a Dell floppy to install a Backpack driver as mentioned. Anyway, I downloaded the zip file and it unzipped on my HDD for my desktop, and then created the floppy I had inserted. The floppy was formatted, but it mentioned it would wipe all content again. Are you saying a disc that has the Command file and boots up on the Dell should have the unzipped file, and only run on the laptop to initiate?
    Thanks!!! I am in the process of getting the caddy, and already won two and have three LS (L400) adapters if you need anything I might come across. I am at under my real name, although I can't devulge that here, maybe an IM?

    This additional thought/idea from the .pdf file is of interest for more info....
    By typing 'asset' or 'asset /?' at the DOS prompt, you can get a reference for using to view, change, or delete the Asset Tag and Owner Tag by using the '/a'
    and '/o' switches.
    Obviously this is all well and good, but does nothing about the Service Tag.
    There is an undocumented command switch which you can use with It is
    the '/s' switch, and works exactly like the '/a' and '/o' switches.
    Thus, the command:
    Will create the Service Tag represented by the X's.
    Remember, this can only be done once without clearing the chip again.

    Would this work as well, if the Admin password/Service tag were not cleared and done on a first attempt?
    I also am curious if the BIOS flash (which I also hesitate to do based on possible problems and the myth of irreversible damage... as the soldering might intail) will require the Tag number I have, as mentioned, listed on the machine's ID stickers. Once internally cleared, can this same Tag be reinstated safely. I wonder if the auction is proof to Dell I can claim ownership through proper channels as well. It's a shame only original owners are shown any respect...just cause they got money! ;:~P


    BILL S.
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    This thread is now closed, due to the number of pages it contains.

    There is a new sticky(READ) thread for this subject HERE.

    Regards Howard :)
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