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Dell BIOS Password Removal

By keiontre1 · 484 replies
Dec 29, 2005
  1. joel_dmccfi

    joel_dmccfi TS Rookie

    bios password

    hello rustam,

    i have a Dell Latitude CPx laptop which keep on asking a password during boot-up and/or when pressing F2. (This computer system, #F5I7J**-D35B, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data of this computer without the correct password.)

    i am a teacher by profession and i really need this laptop which was given to me becuase of this problem. am hoping you could extend your help to me for me to be able to use the said laptop.

    thank you and God Bless....

    dipolog city
  2. joel_dmccfi

    joel_dmccfi TS Rookie

    bios password for Acer TravelMate 4000

    anybody with a kind heart. please do help also my officemate with same problem as mine. the problem is her laptop wko keeps on asking a Bios Password is an Acer TravelMate 4000.

    thanks in advance....
  3. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Since your laptop still has -d35B Password and Service Tag, try this one kpnhay4d from Latitude Master_PW V2.20. Type it in with caplocks off and do not capitalize the letters, press CTRL and then press Enter 3 times.
  4. joel_dmccfi

    joel_dmccfi TS Rookie

    hi rustam, can you help us (me and my officemate) to bypass the bios password of her Acer TravelMate 4000 (4002LCi). we are a college teacher by profession, hope you could help us with this problem coz almost of our lectures was stored in this computer.

    thanks in advance...more power to you...
  5. mada63

    mada63 TS Rookie

    DELL Latitude C600

    Hi rustam, i was reading the last 4 pages and looks like you the man for helping us to get in business with this laptop. Same story, like on the last 3 pages, got this laptop for my boy in the highschool from a friend, (who past away last week) but the laptop is looking for a password, asking us to type in the primary or administrator password. We just don't know what it is. The service tag is #FMGT41S-595B and the Express service is 34010223040 it wold be a big help for us if you can send me the password, we will love you for ever and ever.... thanks a lot.
    DELL Latitude C600


    Email: email removed
  6. kicka

    kicka TS Rookie

    latitude d510

    i have å dell latitude d510 how can i get adninistrator password. big problem can't innstall windows xp.. servis tag:3b2ly1j
    express service code: 71-998-580-71

    please help.. tryed the program latitude.exe,i don't got it to work?? so i gave up
  7. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Are you getting the infamous Grey/White Screen asking for a password on boot? If not and Configure Setup is Disabled in BIOS on the Password page, go to this linked site and download one of the DST files depending on what peripheal drives you have and the state of your boot order.
    There is a last ditch way of running the DST File by using a DOS Only bootable Harddrive and a program for making that plus instructions. The DST file will delete and reset your Service Tag and during the process will erase the Passwords stored on the EEProm Chip with the Service Tag.
    This is NOT a way to get through the grey screen though, but there are instructions there for that also.
  8. greyfox

    greyfox TS Rookie

    Will you please e-mail me that pic.
  9. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Greyfox. what email and what pic? Send me private message
  10. bunch_mya

    bunch_mya TS Rookie

    Hi I have a dell c400,

    Could someone help me with getting into it

    service tag - 1sh8q11


    I know you have helped others in the past hopefull, someone can give me a hand too.
  11. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie
  12. Tenach

    Tenach TS Rookie


    I am doing some work on my friend's mother's computers. Her two laptops are both Dell Latitude CPx's that she bought from Boeing Surplus, and both have a master and admin password. She has forgotten the password, and my friend (whom was being quite defiant) won't tell her the passwords - he "forgot" them. I am hoping that rustam_ would be able to help me with obtaining override codes. She has the receipt for both of them when she bought 'em, but Dell doesn't believe her (they really need to work on their Customer Service). If that isn't possible, I am going to go out and buy myself an old Dell (I know of where I can get them) and try the instructions on Paragon33's website. As these two computers aren't mine, I'm sure you can see why I'm hesitant to take them apart. I understand that rustam_ doesn't come online often, so if anyone else can be of help (i.e. those who he's helped), it would be much appreciated. There is no hurry, but I hate having to wait to get a job done (I'm sure some of you can relate).

    Currently only one Dell will boot, and here's the -595B number:
    Service Tag: 8IDA9

    When I am able to get the other to boot (it is having trouble recieving power), I will provide that information.

    Thanks for the help here, I've enjoyed reading through the various threads on this site.

    Edit - I swapped the hdd's, and the second Dell shows up with a hdd password error. I am guessing that it doesn't have a master/admin if it's gotten past that. Here's the hdd specs.
    Service Tag: 53FP501
  13. poslow

    poslow TS Rookie

    Dell D600 Latitude Harddisk Bootup Protected by password

    Help. I bought a Dell Latitude D600 from e-bay.
    When I booted it up, I got the page :-

    Harddisk #357K3KUEHPH-595B
    The System Primary HDD is protected by a password authenticated system...

    Calling Dell was futile... I almost given up.
    There is no way I can trace the original owner now to do a transfer...
    Anyway, by talking to Dell, it seems to suggest that the origin of this notebook was suspected...

    Anyway the Service Tag :- 8LLYB1S
    Express Service Code :- 18720920944

    It is pity that I got to leave it in this unused state.

    Is there any kind soul out there that knows how to obtain the master reset password ?
  14. shaz420

    shaz420 TS Rookie

    Need master password

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased a laptop from good old ebay , it arrived and was working fine but the battery completely died , so when i charged it and powered up it was asking me for the master password , the service tag number is 98NJH0J-595B , can you please help me to get the password?
  15. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    (Quote)If that isn't possible, I am going to go out and buy myself an old Dell (I know of where I can get them) and try the instructions on Paragon33's website.

    It is not MY site; IdidmyC600 is hosting the info and software for all users that I sent to him and other things of his own making. The Harddrive error? should not stop a DOS Floppy boot.
  16. Tenach

    Tenach TS Rookie

    Ah, okay. I'll see what I can do with that then.
  17. pctec

    pctec TS Rookie Posts: 20

    There is no easy solution to a Dell HD password... best thing to do is buy a new HD and be done with it.

    Sorry, I know you didnt want to hear that...
  18. dchan111700

    dchan111700 TS Rookie

    i purchased a dell d610 from a pawnshop a few days ago and everything worked fine. when i went to install a new operating system and i tried to change the boot sequence it said it had a admin password on it, and i'm in need of some kind of help breaking through the password, if someone can help me i would greatly appreaciate it.
  19. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Download the boot disk or CD Iso from my site and use it to reset the service tag, once done the Admin password will clear and you can reset the service tag and this will allow you to set any password you want.

  20. rustam_

    rustam_ TS Rookie

    I cant sent you email, see here
    Input: #357K3KUEHPH-595B
    By HDD serial number: ZSFQGR5U
  21. shaz420

    shaz420 TS Rookie

    Rustam- can you help me please!

    Can you help me to unlock my dell laptop service tag: 98NJH0J-595B , i have contacted dell but they were not helpfull at all , the line was very bad .
  22. poslow

    poslow TS Rookie


    It works !
    I would really like to thank you for your the great help.
    You have brought me relief and untold joy. I though I might have to put this laptop aside.

    Another infuriating thing was that when I access the BIOS setup, I saw this :-
    Admin Password :- Enabled
    Configure Setup :- Disabled
    Configure Password :- Enabled

    It seems that someone has meant to make it hard.
    How infuriating !

    Need your advise and help again.
    Is there anyway to have the remove the "Disable" the Admin Password ?
    Otherwise I am unable to do change BIOS setup in this Dell D600 ?
    The System number is :- #8LLYB1S-595B
    The Service tag is also :- 8LLYB1S
    Express Service Code :- 18720920944

    I have re-setup my profile to receive e-mails.

  23. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

  24. kcohill

    kcohill TS Rookie

    Inspiron 1200 Bios Master Password help

    I'm trying to find out how to unlock my step-daughters computer now that the gray screen with the commonly stated message appears:
    "This computer system, #2N56Q61-595B, is protected by a password authentication system..."
    Service Tag is 2N56Q61

    Would you be able to help me as you have helped so many others?

    Thanks a million

    We have since figured it out - Now, how do we get that message to STOP appearing on the screen!!!!
  25. Aquila

    Aquila TS Rookie

    Hi Rustram, I hope you can help me & would be eternally gratefull if you could. My story starts with a lightening strike killing my sons laptop. As he needs this for his schooling, it was devestating. So I bought a second hand Dell Inspiron 8100, as I am on a sickness benefit (cancer), & everything was working fine. Then my son in his infinate wisdom decided to Password protect everything & forgot the password. So we are now locked out & have no access. Tried Dell, but as It is second hand & the previous owner is overseas now, they denied me any help. Tried the "Paper Clip Method" & Yes I do get the "Manufacturing Mode Level (FF)" screen, but Fn-X does not clear it & it goes back to the grey screen. I have tried HUNDREDS of times & can get the MM screen everytime, but still no Fn-X.

    The Asset Tag ID #4G72B0J-595B
    The HD #68068LL4444-595B

    Many Thanks in advance...
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