Dell c810 bios 24c02 picture

By mastah
Apr 11, 2010
  1. Hey, here is a picture of DELL C810 BIOS location

    Write down the servicetag before proceed.

    This is the paperclip version. All explained in picture. You dont have to disassamble the whole laptop for this, only keyboard, dvd, powerboard and lift up the dvd guide plate. Attach some scotch tape so you dont short the clip to the metal. Short pin 3 and 6 and hold. Power up the dell and wait to the text fn+x appears. Power of and remove clip. Boot into bios, now the passwords are gone.
    This removes password and the service tag, but dont panic.

    You can flash that back with dos program "asset" from DELL.

    1. Make a bootable boot disk (windows 95 SE will due)
    2. Put on the floppy.
    3. Boot into floppy and run ASSET.COM with the parameter asset /S "your servicetag" found on sticker under the laptop. Or look into the bios before erase.
    4. Remove floppydisk and boot

    Specially thanks to "Qasimtoep" for the info and this works for many dell laptops

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  2. Julio Franco

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    I have left this post live for future reference of users looking for this kind of information, however be aware that we no longer offer or allow BIOS password related discussion on TechSpot.
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