Dell D610 question

By xsdbs
Sep 17, 2009
  1. Hello, new guy here and not completely computer savy. I picked up a used Dell D610 for my kids to play games on and to use as a second household computer.It works fine to get on line, check emails and for the kids to play some online games (non violent of course). A problem that we are having is that if my son tries to install his game the computer will install it and finish the install. We have an icon on the desktop, when we click the icon we will get a quick flash like it's going to open but as fast as we see the screen try to open we get our desktop page. So it's like a fast blink on / then back to the desktop. I do not get a box that ask for a password like on my other computer if the kids want to put something on the computer they get a box asking for an administrator password. Any help here will be appreciated.
    The service tag on the back is 1698y91 if this is needed.
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