Dell Dimension 1100/b110 drivers

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Aug 16, 2009
  1. Hi guys.

    I'm having problems finding the correct drivers for my friends Dell Dimension 1100/B110 .

    He installed a new copy of XP and wiping everything he had but has lost a lot of the drivers and cannot get online or the display sorted.

    I have listed the controllers required below. I went onto Dell website however the drivers page has 'page error' on every driver I try. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Ethernet Controller
    Multimedia and Audio Controller
    SM Bus Controller
    USB Controller
    Video Controller - vga compatible.


  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Since he is having some issues with loading the Dell pages... I took the liberty by downloading the drivers, unzipping it and put it all together in a zip file for you.

    here you go man :)

    About 27MB for 4 drivers. - Click here to get it!
  3. rosscoton

    rosscoton TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Bloody hell, mega impressed.

    So much appreciated.

  4. Jonlee1580

    Jonlee1580 TS Rookie


    Thanks for da Info n hope to be of help here;)
  5. Jonlee1580

    Jonlee1580 TS Rookie

    Thanks for Da Mega help too;)
    Peace n Regards
  6. kenritz

    kenritz TS Rookie

    Drivers........Now what?

    Hiya bushwacker! :wave: First i`d like to thank you for taking the time to set up this driver download!;) ( I`m not PC savvy at all!:eek: )

    So Heeellllllppppp! I downloaded your zip file, installed it, and even extracted it, ( whatever that means!:eek: ........What do I do now to fix my drivers? I`m running a stock Dell Dimensions B110. Thank you for your time and trouble!;)


    Kenny Ritzel
  7. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Hi kenritz

    Try this link here to Dell's support site for your B110 drivers
  8. kenritz

    kenritz TS Rookie

    Drivers Help!

    Hiya LookinAround ! Thank you for your reply, will Lookin:p:rolleyes: to it right now!
    I will get back to you kind sir:) When it comes to PC`s i`m as dumb as a bag of rocks!:haha:

    Thanks, talk soon,

  9. kenritz

    kenritz TS Rookie

    Nice try buddy!

    Hi LookinAround, well i gave it a shot, and after reg. downloading, installing, come to find out that the Free drivers update was`nt so free!:p $29.95 is`nt a bad deal, we just don`t have the money.:eek: I downloaded the link from BushWacker, ( above ) installed it and even extracted it, but after that I`m completely lost in how to put the updates into my drivers!
    Anyone out there, with a solution, it will be greatly appreciated !

    Thank you for your help, LookinAround;)

    Take Care!

  10. Rocketman99

    Rocketman99 TS Rookie

    Thanks Bushwacker. you are the man.
  11. dg1267

    dg1267 TS Rookie

    OMG, you are my new hero. I spent all day trying to get one of these formatted. Of course, they lost all the disks so I had to do everything manually. I had exhausted all known avenues until I ran across this in google. Having all of that put into a neat folder that I could burn to disk and update with was just so great. Thank you very much!

    P.S. I know this thread is years old, but still wanted to give thanks where it was due.
  12. LauraLee

    LauraLee TS Rookie

    Thank you soo much for putting up those drivers Bushwacker! :)

    Apparently Dell has completely removed those drivers from their site :s

    I had to reinstall my OS, and I'd have no sound otherwise now if it weren't for those files.
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