Dell Dimension E510 won't turn on after a factory restore

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May 17, 2008
  1. My parents/younger brother had messed up the family computer with viruses and stuff and even after running multiple virus scans and spyware removers it still had pop-ups and random crashes.
    So I decided just to do a factory restore to return it to its original factory settings. After doing so I deleted some of the useless programs that are initially installed with the computer and turned it off.

    The next day I tried to turn it on, and the power sign would flash and lights would turn on, then it would shut off, and automatically begin the process over every 5-10 seconds. During this time the monitor shows the "no signal" sign.

    Any ideas what could of gone wrong and how to fix this problem?
  2. raybay

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    Do one more restore. Do not delete those programs this time. You are likely causing errors in your registry.
    Once you are done with the Install, go to the site, and have Dell update all the device drivers.
    Then connect with and download all the Windows Updates. There will be about 109 of them.
    At the end of these two updates, you should be back to normal operations.
  3. xSagaraSosukex

    xSagaraSosukex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i would do that if i could, but the computer wont even boot. The lights just flash up but during this time the monitor never gets signal. I tried doing system restore again by spamming cntrl f11 during the start up but it wont boot at all.
    i can hear the fans and harddrive spinning and then everything powers down.
  4. raybay

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    Can you access the BIOS? Can you see anything at all on the screen? Nothing at all happens when you repeatedly, once per second, press the <F8> as soon as you press the on button?
    Do you get anything at all when you press the <F12> key as soon as you press the on button so you can get into the BIOS.
    If nothing, then your video graphics card or port is bad, something is disconnected, or you incorrectly installed a BIOS update.
    Tell us exactly what you did during this "restore" and "delete" process. The clues to fixing it are there.
  5. xSagaraSosukex

    xSagaraSosukex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I cant access anything, I tried to press f8 and f12 imediately after turning on the computer and nothing happens.
    Ill try to describe wut happens when i turn it on.
    I press power, then all the lights begin turning on (power button first, then cd and dvd drive and some numbers that say like 1 2 3 on front im guessing thats usb ports). It also sounds like cd drive is spinning but I opened it and there's nothing inside. Then it shuts off, the whole processes taking about 5-10 sec from me pressing on to computer shutting itself off.

    As far as what I did when i factory restored. I began by booting up the computer pressing cntl f11 to initiate it. Once it restored it and started up windows new. I went to add/remove program and deleted the programs found on desktop (ie aol, dell games, some trial-software). Then ran msconfig and turned off some of the startups that I know are unnecessary (ie. dell support, ms msg, etc)

    I've never actually done a factory restore before but I have cleaned up my own comp (which is also dell) by deleting the useless software/ads that come with the computer and I know the difference between drivers and normal software.
  6. Hemantdhyani

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    The number lights that u see on the screen 1234 are Daignostics indicators on the computer- So as u menitoned there is nothing displayed on the screen- Do u have a video card installed- if yes- Remove the video card and try to connect the monitor on the integrated port- If no video card is installed- Just disconnect the vga cable form the monitor and check if there is any message on the screen-
  7. xSagaraSosukex

    xSagaraSosukex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i really dont think its a video card problem because the computer just doesnt turn on. when i press the power button i can hear like computer fans turning on and lights blink like in normal start up but imediately after it turns off. then 5 sec later it will do this again.
    i did get it to turn on once and completely boot up windows and everything seemed normal, but when i restarted it the same problem started again

    do you think it could be a power supply problem?
  8. Hemantdhyani

    Hemantdhyani TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Are u able to boot to bios- Restart the computer and tap F2 key and keep your computer under observation and check if its doing the same thing
  9. xSagaraSosukex

    xSagaraSosukex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i usually cant even get it to that screen but i'll try.
    once i get to bios how do i "keep computer under observation and check if its doing the same thing"
  10. Hemantdhyani

    Hemantdhyani TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Once u have the computer under bios let the comoputer be on- Check if the computer restarts or if the computer shuts itslef down - If it does the same that will indicate there are issues with the power supply
  11. Tedster

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    read the laptop won't boot guide in the guides forum. You have a no post failure. Either attributed to a bad power pack, bad video, loose memory, bad rectifier on motherboard. Reseat your memory. (ground yourself). Also try a different power pack (compatible). If you can boot into bios, you have a good start. If not, you have hardware issues. Do you get a beep? If so, read the bios beep guide in the guides forum.
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