Dell E310 Video Card upgrade help

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Well so here is my problem.

ok so since the Dell E310 model has only PCI and PCIe 1x i decided to upgrade to a new and better PCI card since the E310 model came with this nvidia 5500 fx.

I bought an NVIDIA Geforce 6200 256MB GDDR2 PCI Graphics card and put it in.
Now, I boot the PC... but the PC wont even boot! The PC flashed a yellow light on and off.
So i said hey this PSU only has 230W.

So I said hey maybe its the PSU that needs more power! But i was wrong even with a 450W PSU the PC STILL wont boot! and still a yellow light flashing on and off.

So i change it back to the old 5500FX and wallah!!! the PC booted -_-

So i think the problem is not the PSU. but wat else could it be!!!

BTW i tried first with a Geforce 6200 because i didnt wanted to risk buying
the nvidia Geforce 9400 PCI. But now that this 6200 card doesnt even work im afraid to buy the nVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT cuz it might not work.

I've done some research on this 6200 card and many ppl say that this card is "defective"

What might be this problem that wont let me boot my PC with this card? Should i risk buying the nVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT and try it?

BTw here is my PC info:

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
3.06GHz, 1.99 GB of RAM

Any help would be much appreciated!
What make is the Nvidia 6200 card ? link please.

I got this in my PC same as yours The Dell Dimension 3100. :)

You should not upgrade the power supply will be too much for your system board, put old one in, I had no trouble with card at all.

You got to go into device manager and disable Intel Integrated graphics. Then add card. You still get a display with the VGA driver.
EVGA is the ppl who make it

BTW I cant even BOOT the PC with the EVGA e-GeForce 6200

So theres no way i can disable Intel integrated Graphics

I just want to know if the PC will BOOT with a different PCI card.
And i cant post links. Srry

Then add card.


If disable don't do it then.

PCI 2.1 ( the card's slot type ) this type of card only has 5 volt the Dell only got 3.3 volt so it wont work.

Read this

And this :)

Bus type PCI 2.3 ( the Dell 3100 )
PCI Express x1
Bus speed PCI: 33 MHz
PCI Express: 500 MB/s bidirectional speed
OHHHHH i get it

It wont work because Dell E310 (3100) has only PCI 2.3 slot? ahhh i see and this card is for PCI slot 2.1 so it wont work on my Dell 3100.

hmmmmm I didnt know that.

So how do i know if a card is PCI 2.3 before i buy it? Because i want to know if this card
(Sparkle GeForce 9400 GT 1GB) is a PCI 2.3

And what does Disable INTEL INTEGRATED GRAPHICS do? Makes the card work or wat?

thank you for ur help. i appreciate it
You got to disable Integrated graphics so you get a display with your PCI card. Also you got to plug in the VGA of the graphics card to get a display.

So what graphics card did you go for in the end?? I have the same computer, and need a graphics card that will run Portal and Team Fortress, but want to know whether the one you got works. If it does, I'll just get that one.
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