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Jul 20, 2008
  1. My dell E510 will not boot-up completely. It goes to 95% then freezes at the Dell screen. The 1 and 4 leds are on on the front panel. I have tried a few things and nothing has worked far. I have tried to remove the CMOS battery and reinstall after 2 minutes, I have tried to boot-up in setup using F2 and F12 and the keyboard does not respond. I have unplugged all expansion boards and peripherials(no luck). I tried to put the restore cd in the cd drive and boot but it does not go to it and I cannot change the boot sequence because the keyboard does not respond. I removed one of the memory sticks(no boot). I also tried to umplug the front panel and it still does not boot up completely. I also reseated all connectors(no change). I am thinking it could be the motherboard because of the non-working USB keyboard and mouse. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Any chance it is still under warranty? If not, how far out of warranty is it? To far out to extend the warranty?
    Run the Dell installed scans that you startup by pressing F12?
    Everything you tell us is consistent with a bad board. Too bad. I am sorry.
    A new board is about $75 on eBay... if you still want to use the Dell recovery disk set which need that EEPROM
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    no warranty

    I forgot to mention the computer is out of warranty 1 year. Also none of the function keys work upon booting. I have even tried CTL + F11 and nothing. It is like the USB ports are not working. In other words I cannot go into setup, Boot sequence, or any other mode. I was thinking MoBo but I think it could be the processor also....any other suggestions? Thanks...AC
  4. I have an E510 motherboard for sale. I replaced the motherboard because the computer would not turn on at all, but that did not solve the problem. I appears to be the front panel I/O board. So now I have an extra E510 motherboard, if you're loking for one. Or if you've given up on fixing your E510, then I'd be interested in purchasing the front panel I/O board, which I assume is working because at least your computer turns on.
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    Send a message to email removed with a price. I buy such boards to make systems for severely handicapped children... who need prosthetics to run the computer. I have an empty Dell case right now.
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