Dell Inspiron 4100 motherboard CPU upgrade

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does anyone know what is the fastest CPU i can put in this laptop
I'm assuming its a pIII
Intel sl643 1 GHz in it now
and just wondering why when i go to system info it says 1.7GHz ???
i have it apart, i might as well see if i can upgrade the CPU


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the mobo may be overclocked. Without an exact motherboard model #, it is hard to tell what can go in your system.


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PIII have Intel speed gizmo to reduce the power down to save battery. You can disable that in the BIOS and make the CPU run at full speed. So you have 1.7GHz that's quick! Some PIII have removable CPU where you can upgrade the mobile CPU. If you got 1GB of RAM and the HDD is spinning at 7,200RPMs you can install Windows 7 Ultimate and get away it on PIII.
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