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Dell Inspiron 6400: Screen not working or going into hibernation

By cpgeorge
Sep 26, 2011
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  1. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400

    When I turn it on I see the usual initial screen; the windows logo and the loading bar below it. Then the screen turns off. (a bit like hibernation)

    If I leave it there I eventually hear the usual sound of windows loading up that I would be familiar with when one reaches the desktop stage after startup.
    At this point if I close down the laptop and open it back up, the screen lights up and displays the screen that usually comes up when someone reactivates a turned-on laptop(blue screen with the button in the middle and the account name and status:locked). However the entire screen is slightly off in colour. But before I can click the button to unlock the account the screen goes black again.

    So that's what's happening all the time now. Initially I had been using the laptop and it was working fine. Then left the room. Then returned and was looking at the screen not touching the cursor and the computer went black like it would if no user had been inputting into it. So the screen going black seemed normal at first. But since that occurred I have not been able to interface with the computer.

    SO the computer seems to be working and the screen can display. But it keeps going black. As if the computer keeps thinking its time to hibernate.

    I looked at the dell site about opening it up and i read posts about other people opening their laptop to fix issues with screen. I'm not sure what I'd be looking for though.

    One unusual occurrence was: I started the computer, the windows logo was displayed, the screen went black. I closed down the screen within 5 seconds( at this stage I did not know that it would eventually still load if I left it open.). Then after 3 or 4 minutes the computer was making beeps. Three loud beeps in a row then ascending-descending-ascending-descending beeps with the 9, A, and ↓ lights flashing with the pattern too. Opening the laptop the screen started up then died as per usual. The second I saw the screen it looked like it had low resolution and basic colours. It reminded me of back when computers had 256 colours!!!Real early windows look. Some window was open with some options to select. No idea what it was. this only happened once.

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