Dell Inspiron dvd/burner reads but doesn't write

Right before Christmas my burner started throwing errors ie, Illegal request, burn process started, burn process stopped, check power cable.
I figured that the drive went bad so I bought a new one, I installed it, made sure the cables were tight and when I attempted to burn a disk, I get the same errors.
I'm using ConvertXtoDVD 7, I uninstalled then reinstalled it, I tried the default Windows 10 burner and Nero but it won't write.
My DVD drive is..TSSTcorp DVD +/- RW SU-208GB.
I'm guessing it's a software issue.
Any thoughts


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FWIW, "Cinavia" copy protection causes loss of sound in a copy. While this is primarily a Blu-Ray protection strategy, some DVDs whose companion Blu-Ray has Cinavia, may have it carried over to the DVD version as well.

The worst DVD burner drive I ever had, was a TSST device, (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology), which came stock with my ancient eMachines, in short order became useless to the point where it "couldn't even read its own writing".

Any of that notwithstanding, there is better, (and free at that), software to take care of the simple tasks of ripping and burning DVDs.

Take note of the fact that most, if not all, commercially available DVD softwares will not burn a disc if copy protection is present in the image or folder to be burned.

That's as much as I am allowed to contribute to this topic. There is some of the burning software you might need, available in our download section.