Dell Inspiron e1505 not booting up

By allalongthetowr
Feb 10, 2010
  1. Hi all, hope someone out there can help me with this problem.

    Last year my girlfriend gave me her old Dell inspiron e1505 laptop to fix. I had my buddy test it and we figured the motherboard was the problem. After a few months (and wrong one, sent back original for repair....) I got the correct motherboard from eBay...refurbished from Dell, put it together and it's still not firing up. I get the battery light on and when I hit the power button the other three lights light for a second and then they go out and nothing happens. I don't hear any signs of life either.

    Of course, needless to say I could buy another laptop but thats not the point. :) I need to figure out what's wrong with this one.....its about not letting it win.

    Oh, and also my girlfriend came up behind me to console me (an attempt to keep me from crying) and I shot a static arc from somewhere on the computer (after it already wasn't booting up)....doesn't look like there was any damage and it's still behaving the same way with the three lights. I don't think this caused any damage.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  2. bryanloss

    bryanloss TS Rookie

    I also have a E1505 and I always get a blinking dot for about 2 minutes before windows loads. any suggestions?
  3. s400py

    s400py TS Rookie

    have you tried to use an external monitor? usually, the voltage inverter of the internal display is the first thing that goes up in smoke.
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