Dell Laptop Making IM sounds

By matteao
Oct 9, 2009
  1. Bare with me. My laptop is making sounds every 5-10 seconds from the moment I turn it on. Now it all started 2 months ago. I was having problems emailing invoices with Quickbooks through Windows Mail with a Yahoo account. That turned out to be a problem with Yahoo. When I would try to send an invoice it would throw up an error. When I would click on the box with the error, it would make the sound its making now. Its the sound is like the one when you click on the wrong thing or something, or when you get an IM, (bling bling). I don't know if there is a connecting, but that's when it started, and it's driving me nuts. I've tried reinstalling Quickbooks and Windows Mail. I deleted IM because it's the same sound as when you get a message, that didn't help. I've went to my tools and turned off anythin that makes sounds, that did'nt work either. HELP!!!
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