Dell Optiplex GX520 amber solid light - no power

Bad storms here last night, and the power went out several times. This AM, husband went to turn on PC and it would not power on. The power on light is amber and solid.

According to the Dell Troubleshooting Guide, this could mean "The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed."

It is not running a test.

We have tried:

1) Unplugging everything - HDD, DIMM, all cables, etc. Unplugging power cord and the BIOS, waiting five minutes and replugging in. Nada.
2) Plugging it into another outlet. Nada.
3) Checking the capacitors for bulges. They seem fine.
4) Checking the USB pins to ensure they aren't bent (read this online as a possible fix). Nada.
5) Reseated all RAM. Still nada.

Should the assumption automatically be the hard drives shot or the power supply? We don't have a way to test the power off of the power supply. Just wondering if anyone else has any ideas. It seems obvious that this is related to the power loss and storm - it was plugged into a surge protector, but still.

Any help at all is so, so much appreciated.


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Surge protectors are internally destroyed even after the first surge. Their protection is gone and they become just an extension cord. I would try another power supply first, but the power outages might have also toasted the motherboard