Dell unveils Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet for business use


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Dell has officially pulled the curtain on a new tablet designed for the corporate market as well as healthcare and education workers. The Latitude ST strays from the Android crowd…

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Cool. Everyone (and that is many) that comes down on iPad for being a "toy" should be all over this! It will sell like hotcakes!

Greg S

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I'd buy it if I could truly put it to good use, but I'm not that kind of business user. I prefer power over portability.


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Windows 7 on Atom, frankly, sucks. We had $6k Core i7 1.7GHz ULV tablets by Motion Computing at my former job, with SSD drives, and the experience was bearable at best. The minute users tried to do anything but browse the web, the tablets puked all over themselves.

We need Windows 8 to fix the Windows-on-Tablet problem I fear.


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I'm worried that it may be overpriced. A lot of professionals an businesses are already adopting tablets (Mainly the iPad), so this is entering the market too late. Unfortunately, as I'm not a fan of *any* of Apple's main practices, I can't see a large number of companies using this over the iPad, for a variety of reasons.


I upgraded my ACER netbook----ATOM, 2GB to windows 7, and it runs much better than anticipated. So win7 and ATOM is not that bad.
I have an ASUS EP121 tablet (core I5, 4GB) running win7 and I love it.
Waiting to see what WIN8 and ARM runs like.


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Nice move by Dell... IT professionals may actually start to consider this now. With a decent display resolution real USB ports on the device this will actually be useful. Ethernet port on the docking station is good too. My only gripe is the display type, from the video it looks like it's probably a TN panel and not a nice IPS. Regardless i'm interested, curious about the price though.


Ive just taken delivery of a latitude st, it is the worst piece of technology I have ever experienced. The video playback is unwatchable, the screen refresh painfully slow, and it is incapable of running Office with any reasonable speed . Additionally the build quality is appalling.
Do NOT buy this !!!!