Dell will pay Microsoft royalties for each Android and Chrome OS product sold

Himanshu Arora

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Microsoft and Dell on Wednesday agreed to license each other's applicable intellectual property related to Android and Chrome OS devices, as well as the Xbox gaming console. The patent licensing agreement will have Dell paying royalties to Microsoft on its...

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Wait...does this mean that Dell is getting into the handset business?


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WTF so microsoft pays apple for every microsoft office product sold and they also pay Amazon for every Windows OS sold and now Dell picks microsoft to give money to for every chrome and android product sold even tho Steve jobs created chrome and android.

2014 and we are soo intelligent aliens can see that when x company created x product they make it so p company gets paid royalties... no wonder we havent seen any other intelligent life from outside our earth because aliens know we are stupid as F I would avoid earth at all costs if I was an alien and saw how pathetically stupid humans are.


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(I'm a Microsoft fan) I don't understand why google, the Force behind android OS and chrome OS is not directly negotiating with MS.
from my point of view, the royalties paid by each google supporter is the direct price for the 'free' android OS and chrome OS. it's an 'octopus.'