Dell XPS M1330 Processor Upgrade?

By jsmileb
Dec 8, 2008
  1. Wife bought me an XPS M1330 for Christmas a year ago. She never consulted me about options. CPUZ shows Socket P T5250@1.5GHz, rated 667 FSB, 65nm technology. I love the computer, but it is slow. On checking current configs for the M1330, a T9300, 2.4GHz, 800 FSB, 45nm tecnology is offered. I'm running Vista Home Premium. Current BIOS- A14 (11/19/2008)

    Are ther any contraindications to making this upgrade? It looks like 5 screws are all that is necessary to swap processors. I have built many desktops, so I am familiar with heat sinks, thermal compound, etc.

    Currently running 2GB PC2 5300 memory. Would upgrade to 4GB.

    Warranty is almost expired, so that is not an issue.

    Any suggestions, cautions, alternatives are much appreciated.
  2. CCT

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    Go to the Dell site, input your service tag number, and look for upgrades for the cpu.

    As you will see below, the Canadian site doesn't even list your present cpu;{dell%20xps%20m1330}&dgc=ST&cid=3852&lid=705585
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