Dell's striking XPS 13 Plus is now available, starting at $1,299

The previous model was the XPS 9305. It did not have a USB-A port. Nor did the XPS 9310, the generation before that. Nor did the 9300 before that. Nor did the 7390 before that. Nor did the 9380 the generation before that. Nor did the 9370 the generation before that. I think you have to go back to the 2017 XPS 9360 to get a usb-A port and that laptop was not thin. No usb-A for XPS 13 is not new.
My wife's XPS is a few years old (I want to say 2016) - but the shell remains identical in dimension... in fact, I believe hers is actually a mm or 2 THINNER than the current one...
How much power did Dell set the Core i5-1240P or i7-1260P to in these laptops? What is the battery life in this laptop? I don't see this information anywhere in the article so how are you forming an opinion?
I based my assumptions on
- device size / form factor (it‘s a thin and light)
- power supply size
- reviews of the predecessor
- CPU specs.

The i7-1260P is a 28W with a max turbo power of 64W processor. So that is the maximum although I doubt that is sustained power, particularly in the XPS 13 chassis.

The XPS 13 with a Tiger Lake Core i7-1165g7 boosts rather high, but it can‘t maintain these clock speeds (based on the Notebookcheck review). Even with improved cooling, I doubt the XPS 13 plus can maintain over 40W for the CPU.

Either way, it‘s an assumption, so if yours is e.g. that the CPU is run at constant turbo power it‘s as good as mine.

We‘ll see once the first models are reviewed.
Will also ship with all Dells awful software and shovelware. Much of this is really difficult to remove because the drivers for the weirdly fiddled-with hardware they always stick in their machines can only be upgraded via Dell. Somehow they manage to make completely standard trackpads, sound chips, network adapters , etc which are not recognised by the default manufacturers drivers. The final coup-de-grace is the BIOS which will be a DELL abomination.
Trying to ape Apple in prioritizing looks over functionality won't win any points with me.

Not that I could afford this thing anyway. And not that I have much use for a laptop (as opposed to a desktop) anyway.

Not much use for a laptop? How old are you might I ask? I'm guessing this is a generational thing.
Has anyone got a link I can buy the Developer Edition from? I'm really not a big fan of the idea of paying 50$ extra for a service I don't want...
Based on what objective evidence? Why are you fanboying? Without objective evidence why would you prefer one brand over another? AMD doesn't care about you and neither does any company.
Like I said in my previous post (replied to the wrong one actually), I made a few assumptions based on various factors. Never claiming them to be ‚the truth‘.

Having watched Hardware Canucks‘ review of the Yoga 9i with the i7-1260P it does very well at short / bursty work loads, both MT and ST, showing top results.
Once you start longer work loads that require sustained performance (e.g. Blender) it does somewhat better than TGL but still gets spanked by a 5800U (last gen) even when the latter is set to run at 15W.
Battery life is also disappointing.

Not saying it‘s a bad processor, but it still needs higher power levels to perform well, I.e. upward power scaling is good,, downward not so much, at least based on this first review.

Maybe Dell does something different, we‘ll see once the first reviews are out.
Dell?? thank you, but NO, thank you!!

Expensive proprietary junk that keeps getting more expensive and more proprietary

Good luck trying to upgrade anything in that expensive pig.
Why? Alder Lake our-performs AMD in mobile...

Alder Lake doesn't fix Intel's poor Mobile battery Life.

AMD would have better battery life, but you rarely see dual thunderbolt with an AMD chip.

While I think this is a better laptop than a Macbook air in terms of build quality and features, the battery life sucks compared to the M1 powered Macbook air.

Apple has a lot to learn from this device, this is how their next Macbook Air should look.