Demonoid operators arrested in Mexico, Anonymous vows revenge

By Matthew ยท 82 replies
Aug 9, 2012
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  1. For all of you supporting the take down, you have no idea what this is about.

    Much of Hollywood, the RIAA, MPAA, and other media organizations are the head for funding take downs.

    They are the same greedy corrupt people who infiltrate your school systems and universities and made them into the trash they are today. They are the same people who want to have complete control over the internet. They want a monopoly.

    The point is, pirating doesn't force anyone to "loose" money. People who download software, and movies would likely have "NEVER" bought the video or movie at full retail price.

    It costs less than 25 cents to make a DVD and not much more for a Blue Ray Disc.

    There is no reason a music CD or movie DVD should ever sell beyond 5$ for media.

    But this isn't just about pirating software and media... The issue goes into patents and copyright trolling in which corporations want to have rights to damn near everything you have in your house.

    They want exclusive access to create, build, engineer media and software, completely blocking out independent and small business.

    Video Game developers who have online games that use registered keys have no problems with pirating because you need a unique key tied to an account to play the game online.

    I have faith in Valve, Blizzard, EA, Microsoft in their market system, the rest of the tech world needs to take note. Especially the Movie Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America. Both of these old world trash need to take note.

    And as for copyrights and patents... NO ONE should hold rights to any objects, materials, or designs. It should be open for anyone to create, let the best man create the best product.

    The only thing I support for copyrights is names. I do not believe you should be able to sell products as something they are not.

    For instance, selling Pepsi as a Pepsi when it was not produced by Pepsi. Logos as well, people who hold a copyright on a logo that is an "ACTIVE" produced product. No one should be able to use that logo or something too similar to it.
  2. I gave my Demonoid account (u/n and p/w) to someone asking for an account a month after I got it years ago. It's just a really bad torrent site. Half the stuff isn't even in english. I don't know why people want to use it so badly. All I know is I didn't miss it.

    Interested in seeing what Anonymous does in retaliation though.
  3. Anon_Watch

    Anon_Watch TS Rookie

    You seem to forget that the Law and Justice system is based on innocent until proven guilty. Sure these Admin will get their trial but I already wonder how much bribes and corruption will be involved. There is little justice here when it is all about market bullying using abuse of the law which can be clearly seen in the Mega case.

    All we have here is some media owner had a bad hair day and Demonoid ends up destroyed because of it. "Corporate terrorism" is a fair term and they of course ignore the vast array of Public Domain and Create Commons titles as they destroy an entire site over just 500 infringing songs not that Demonoid did anything more than say "these exist on the BT network"

    This is nothing more than a War on Infringement and the nukes have been launched so watch as entire websites get vaporised before your eyes. Strange is it not that 15 million US citizens protested against SOPA and PIPA to avoid this very situation but here we are anyway with rich corporations nuking their rivals.

    Then look at Wikileaks when their main site and all their mirrors have been DDOSed off-line for the past week. This is the same time that DDOS started up against Demonoid and you can bet your last dollar that the United States Government has a hand in this UNLAWFUL act when few have resources that large.

    So what does tell us that the United States is armed for a major War and they employ these vast resources for commercial reasons. If you don't believe me then go ask ICANN when they know.

    Anonymous are our heroes. They are the ones who fire back against this injustice and abuse of the law. Anyone can play Anonymous including YOU where 9000 brave souls have already signed up to this Demonoid revenge operation.
  4. To anonymous,
    Honestly, do you gus think you have the resources to stop the governments of the world? Hasn't the wars across history taught you anything? They will keep coming as long as you keep coming. They will not stop until you do or you are shutdown completely. For example, the war in Afghanistan still fight on even after Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Government have one thing that we as people do not, even the richest person in the world does not....UNLIMITED RESOURCES!!! They will keep coming for you and will not stop ubtil you do!!!
  5. The real outrage should be that Interpol under Secretary General Ronald Noble (formerly a US Treasury Undersecretary most known for his whitewash report on the ATF and FBI murders of the Branch Davidian cult members in Waco, where mostly women and children were burned alive) is now a tool for corrupt governments. Interpol used its Red Letter system to get that Saudi Arabian blogger arrested in Malaysia, while he was on the run from blasphemy charges leveled against him by the Saudi religious police. That blogger is facing the death penalty. Interpol gave the captain of the anti-whaling ship "Sea Shepherd" a Red Letter notice on a request from Japan, which is illegally harvesting whales in the Antarctic. Whenever Interpol sells out its integrity, Noble's press agents deny Interpol had anything to do with the arrest. Now Interpol is in bed with the Ukrainian government, a cesspool of corruption whose president funneled hundreds of millions in World Cup construction graft through Belize bank accounts, money stolen from Ukrainian citizens. No need to say much about Mexican President Calderon except that everyone knows he is a tool for the Sinaloa cartel who as President of Mexico was almost certainly was involved in the Fast and Furious weapons smuggling operation. You can bet Interpol has a Red Letter notice prepared for release to its member nations if Sweden gets its hands on Julian Assange.
  6. With all the **** in the world that needs to be fixed, governments focus on this? It just shows you that governments only care about money not the people who live in them. Imagine how much REAL crime they could have stopped if they put their resources and focus onto catching REAL criminals, NOT the average Joe who cant afford software to explore their creative mind, yet could possibly create things far better than rich people who have cash to buy it? I hope
    Anonymous lives forever!
  7. Physically and technically speaking, no one is stealing anything when they download a copy of anything digital based be it music, photos, videos or programs.

    Technically, to steal is defined as: an organism\organization removing access to an object or objects by a different organism\organization whom has a fully legal claim of ownership for the object or objects in question.

    There is only copying going on here, not stealing.

    An utterly sound argument can be made that no human being has the right to own anything or prevent anyone from copying anything. Consider that every human being is purely a copy themselves (DNA) and that the materials they are made of are almost completely replaced yearly. Any claim of ownership of these materials that constitute a human copy either before, during or after "use" are temporary and dubious at the very best.

    All suffering is the result of the ignorance of self-clinging or ego. As long as ignorance is active in the psycho-cosmological foundation of a being, experienced as attraction (greed, envy, clinging), aversion (hatred, jealousy, anger, pushing away) and sloth and torpor, then more confusion and suffering will naturally continue to be an outcome.

    "Ownership" is an idea that exists loosely within the temporary confines of the minds of deluded beings and contains fundamentally no "truth" beyond this highly fragile and superficial boundary.

  8. Work for free? Are you nuts? Even if you say musicians should earn a decent, or even a very good living, are you seriously suggesting that they, and the agents, executives, and other parasitic ticks that infest them should be earning millions and millions of dollars for what they do? Wise up and grow up.
  9. It's really very funny. The vast majority of people would never have paid for any of the stuff they copied. However, the otherwise free advertising and endorsements that would have come from all these people will be completely lost. Popular word of mouth has been proven to be the most effective commercial avenue and in many cases this will now have been significantly diminished.

    Watch and see that as so called piracy is reduced, so will be profits. ;)

    A lose lose situation.

    Then again, the quality of modern commercial media and entertainment is so bad and such a waste of people's time and lives that perhaps this is really a win for the pirates. :)~
  10. The only ones who gain from all this anti-piracy nonsense are the law. Police get to stay employed and alive arresting harmless computer geeks and filling prisons with them instead of risking their lives going after dangerous real threats to society while lawyers and judges pad their riches with extra wads of free money like they always have.

    The real criminals are The Law. How ironic.
  11. Chris Just

    Chris Just TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    When governments put people in jail over the same tactics they are using, then I say any thing goes and it is time to make changes to control them and not the rest of us! Yes by any means necessary, Play on and play dirty! They raid or homes, take our money destroy our business all with out due process and all for the love of money. Lets not forget 99% of these cases where actions like this were taken by our governments in the end were found to be unconstitutional by there own courts! I think Aron is wasting there time with DDoS attacks but hay when Sony got hacked and went down for a month do you think it did not effect there bankroll and force there users to find other alternatives like Steam, Xbox and others, and a lot of use stuck to the alternatives and sold our PS3 or don't use them as much. You bet it did! I don't think to torrent is good or bad but it is not about the torrenting, it is about the way ours and others governments go about doing things that is the major crime here!
  12. So, US politicians show an interest in Mexico, the drug violence capital of the world, only when they can chase down some poor SOB who helps people around the world get access to their favourite artists' work. Way to protect the corporate interests over those of the people.
  13. Chris Just

    Chris Just TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    Just look at Megaupload and Kim Dotcom watch the raids on his and others homes. The same tactics military use on terrorists all over file shearing when he did not make the files or upload them! Megaupload and Kim Dotcom only let people upload files of any type to share with other. I myself have used them to send files of my art work and videos to large to send any other way like on Yahoo or MSN, ECT. In this case it was found the search warrants were invalid also was the seizure of his home and assets!
  14. hitech0101

    hitech0101 TS Guru Posts: 451   +34

    I believe the IFPI was the reason all this happened and we all know who they or rather what they are.
  15. Couldn't agree with you more Vasink...I wouldn't buy the stuff otherwise so it's not like they're losing a sale...they never HAD a sale...LMFAO! I want my demonoid back...NOW!
  16. Stopping someone from selling stolen goods or facilitating piracy is not oppression.
  17. What exactly was "stolen\pirated"? No one had anything taken away from them except the delusional hope that some one who "copied" something they considered theirs without asking have actually given them money for it otherwise.

    Considering humans are merely DNA copies themselves and did not pay their ancestors for it than it is completely hypocritical to try to force others to pay for copies of anything as well.
  18. LucasG

    LucasG TS Rookie

    You guys aren't really getting the point of this. While it is illegal and you could question the ethics of their creators all day, it goes far beyond that.

    The issue in hand here is that companies are putting so much money into politicians/police/etc. that they have gained control of these authorities. Basically the enterprise world is now strong enough as our whole lives revolve around entertainment and handing our hard earned cash to them, millions of us. So they got the money to do what they want as long as they can keep making more money and pissing other people. It's quiet simple actually, it's not going to change though, as I doubt anyone is willing to give away their comfy lifestyle.

    Instead, we could be having all that money and those companies contributing back to communities, helping developments, etc. rather than wasting millions and millions on someone that hasn't even touched another person, while you have on the streets lack of police enforcement, or corrupt police enforcement forcing people to do as they want and treating them like ****.

    It's so much more than whether it's illegal or not or other stupid crap like that. Piracy is actually kind of in a way a fight against corporate greed, I'm not saying I embrace it though.
  19. LNCPapa

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    O M G... Rationalization at it's most philosophical.
  20. LucasG

    LucasG TS Rookie

    Yes, because you probably need ALL that force to grab this fatty.

  21. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    LOL - I was pretty jealous of his home though. As the helicopter was flying in I was saying "surely this isn't his home." Just wow.
  22. There is a lot of sweat, time sacrificed, talent and emotion put into music projects. Too many people take this for granted. Just as you pay for food you can pay for your entertainment. Sure you can grow your own tomatoes but try to make your own music and have that be the only thing you listen to. Take a listen to what's playing on the air these days compared to 20-30 years ago. It's crap. Why because there is no revenue coming in from CD sales to pay talented music producers, engineers and studios to do quality work. People are making records in their basements and coming out with watered down digitally enhanced fixed boring pieces of music that sound like you were standing in a factory assembly line listening to the same background noise over and over. Take some of that money that you feel you're entitled to from your parents because your mother and father put you on this earth and spend a little on music. Support the arts.
  23. Camikazi

    Camikazi TS Evangelist Posts: 925   +284

    No they very well understand that they are not losing out on money they are just trying to wring as much out of us as they can. They are not stupid they know not everyone who copies would have bought their product they are just playing dumb and trying to get huge amounts of money they would have never made in the first place.
  24. You are describing trademark, not copyright. However, books that I poured years into producing and sold directly to users would later appear in a DVD archive that were actually SOLD by third parties on eBay and I received not a dime for my work. At least when people did filesharing no money changed hands (granted some money was made by the torrent websites off of advertising but they were not earning money by selling my books). The people on eBay who collect the fileshared documents and then sell it to consumers are disgusting because they are making money while we authors make zilch.
  25. "This is more like the passive aggressive child taking a machine gun to services innocent people use because of vague connections to people the retarded child doesn't like."

    Yes... downloading a movie or song is like shooting a bunch of innocent people.

    The only question now is how many years in prison for every movie or song a person downloads?


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