Demonoid operators arrested in Mexico, Anonymous vows revenge

By Matthew ยท 82 replies
Aug 9, 2012
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  1. PinothyJ

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    You do realise WoW uses BitTorrent to deliver their patches through their update client...
  2. Long ago, musicians were not world famous. They were not rich. Those who called themselves professionals earned modest livings doing something they loved.

    Then a new technology changed that. Music could be recorded and packaged and sold. A new market emerged. This market lasted a long time. So long that some musicians and the industry that had emerged to exploit them began to feel that the fruits of this market were their entitlement.

    But then, another technology emerged and music broke free of the containers it was packaged and sold in. A new market emerged, but this was a market of free exchange. It has been around for sometime now. Even in this free market of recorded music, many musicians flourished because they could perform and draw crowds of fans (many of which they had acquired through the new free market).

    Even while talented musicians (and lip-syncing dance acts) could still make a good living, the industry that had grown up around selling music as a product, did not fair as well. This industry taps the coffers it filled back when impulsive teens believed $18 for a CD was a fair deal. They pay off politicians for laws that will stifle (but never stop) the free market. They use their power to harass and intimidate people with little power.

    It's not moral or amoral. It's simply something new. One thing existed and then the environment changed. Now another thing exists. Adapt.
  3. "as for copyrights and patents... NO ONE should hold rights to any objects, materials, or designs. It should be open for anyone to create, let the best man create the best product."

    Hmm... Without patents and copyrights, no one will invent anything. Do you know how much it costs to develop something like an iPad? Without patents and copyrights, in about a week, someone from China or India will come along and copy it and then sell it for half price.

    "The only thing I support for copyrights is names. I do not believe you should be able to sell products as something they are not."

    That is a trademark, not a copyright. So you won't be able to sell it as an iPad but if it looks like an iPad, works like an iPad, but sells for half the price, you won't be buying an iPad, you'll want to buy the copy (even if they call it something else).
  4. Tygerstrike

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    First after reading all the posts, Im truly sickend by all the justifications for theft. Ppl are stealing msic and movies. Its not even as if they are stealing to feed themselves. Which there is no justification for theft, but atleast it would be understandable. No the ppl justifying the theft are doing it because they are cheap and they dont get punished. If you wish to pirate legally.....CHANGE THE LAW!!!!! You may think youre some sort of Robin Hood figure in your own mind. But youre not. You are breaking the Law. You cant fight the system from the outside. Lawless acts dont get a Law changed. Only hard work does. Use the tools that you are given to change what you dont agree with.
    SecondI almost fell out of my chair when I read that ANON was going to get revenge. Exactly how stupid are these hackers? This whole situation smells like a setup. They are going to try and get revenge against INTERPOL?? Which is short for International Police. That organization has more resources at their disposal then any single Eurasian country. Sure go right ahead you dim witted fools, attack Interpol. Give them the information they need to find you because you dont agree that they stopped a site that was doing copyright infringment. Youre just asking to spend time in jail then. Honestly I would think that ppl who are smart enough to hack other computers would be smart enough to see that all these sites being shut down for criminal activity is meant to draw out ppl like ANON. ITS BAIT!!!!
  5. why anonymous keeps calling themselves legion I will never understand. a strategy of hydra is much longer lasting! (think about it you'll understand the mythological point)
  6. It's amazing how everyone can support a business (music, movies.. etc) that rakes in billions and billions of dollars of the peoples money. Yet they the economy is the way it is and the budget is the way it is. Hasn't anyone ever thought hmmm... let's take some that money and put it to some real use like the economy and budget.
    Sadly that isn't the case. We still live in country were one man can make millions of dollars and still pay less taxes that a middle class family... where people who make too much to have welfare benefits get denied... and people who don't make hardly anything and choose that life because its easier reap all the benefits.

    I say you know I'm going to get mine... and if that means getting free song or movie here and there... they yes I will openly download that baby.

    And if thats wrong then so be it... we just as hard as these producers and musicians to not have to pay outrageous prices for entertainment.

    When was the last you returned a penny, a quarter, or a twenty you found the street... never I'd say.

    We will continue to use these sites and more will come and be rebuilt.
    Open Everything!!!!!!!
  7. LNCPapa

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    This is a very similar mentality to the one people who were looting during Katrina had. "I'm worse off than you so it's okay for me to take yours." We want to complain about the national debt/deficit but we don't want to pay taxes. We don't want the government to skimp on things like our security and other things, but we still don't want to pay taxes. People (rich and poor) give these billions of dollars to the entertainment industry for the goods they receive so it would be flat out theft to take it away from them and use it elsewhere even if it's a better purpose. If everyone would be productive citizens producing useful goods and/or services and paid their taxes to maintain the infrastructure so that they can have jobs to produce useful goods and/or services... well, you see where I'm going with this. Things would be great, but everyone needs to do their fair share. I'm not all gung-ho behind the Recording Industry or any other part of the entertainment industry, but they make their money fair and square (minus the bogus law suits) and if it was really too much for people then they would stop giving their hard-earned money to these guys. Personally I only give them as much as I am willing to afford to give them and nothing more.
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  8. I wonder if they brought these kinds of resources and cooperation to bear on something like sex slavery or child prostitution what they could accomplish. But no, have to protect the revenue sources of our investors, um, I mean citizens.
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  9. Now that Demonoid is down, record company profits should spike at least a little huh? If they were all down the artists and their producers would be rolling in dough right?

    My guess is it won't make a difference one way or the other. People who really like something will want the physical media and buy it regardless.

    I suspect people use torrents as they would hearing an album at their friend house, except now their friend's house encompasses the entire world, thanks to the Internet.

    Torrenting is really a marvelous marketing tool. It's not logical to go after folks who choose that method to discover their music. But I suppose it's not about logic.

    It's greed. It's jobs. Fighting "piracy?" pays peoples bill, and blinds them.

    I've never really thought much about Anonymous, and if I had it might not have been very favorable, but... go get'em Anonymous. If I had the expertise I'd help. Instead, I'll do what I can, boycott.
  10. The systematic destruction of internet freedoms. They couldn't take down the IPS's in court, so they now have to do it the hard way and take down every file sharing company one by one.
  11. You might argue that it is all about the money, making money for what you have done. But, what happens when these things (songs, movies, games, artwork(s) ) slip into the past? We forget about the timeless classics and as we forget, they become unavailable. What is more permanent: your masterpiece or the money you made?
  12. Demonoid had legal files the same as it did illegal ones. Just like Megaupload. But it didn't evn host it. Do you know how Demonoid works? I didn't think so. Please close your mouth. Thank you.
  13. When it comes to the music industry, artists can be broken down into 2 categories. Those that are successful (those who 'made it'), and those that are not successful (those who haven't yet 'made it'). For the first category, they are already making huge amounts of money through tours and in store sales. To ban piracy in order for them to make even more money, this does not seem like a good argument to me. For the second category, I think that they actually benefit more from piracy, in that it creates exposure for many unknown artists. People will probably not buy your music if you are an unknown artist. However, they might download it for free if given the chance.

    More generally, no where is it written that we must pay for everything we get (as far as I know the constitution says nothing on this). I pay when I must or when I feel I should, but if I feel I should not pay (for music) and I have the ability not to (through torrents) then I will exercise that ability. I do not think I am acting amorally, as I am merely acting in self-interest, just like the companies who are trying to make it so that I must pay THEM for music.
  14. LNCPapa

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    You should let me rob you. I'll tell everyone you're a nice guy if you do.
  15. Tygerstrike

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    @ Above guest
    It doesnt matter that the constution doesnt say you have to pay for anything. Despite that, It doesnt matter if you feel you should have to pay for something. What you are doing if you stealing. Period. Plain and simple. I would hope you were raised better then that. Just because you dont agree, doesnt give you the right to steal. If you live in a country that has to follow the copyright laws, then because you are a citizen you have to follow those Laws. No amout of justification is going to comvince anyone that stealing is right.
  16. except the old quote "information wants to be" I guess.. but yeah, still illegal.
  17. Atwas911

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    Are you really that ignorant? There is NOTHING illegal about DEMONOID. Demonoid did not host any files, it did not share any files other than torrents. Torrents ARE NOT the songs/movies/ or other items that are ILLEGAL to share.

    You seem to love the laws created by crooked politicians. Tell me.. When they write laws that make it legal for them to kick in your front door, rape your wife, and murder your children.. Will you have them all dressed for the occasion and waiting at the door?

    Use your mind. Irrational faith in Government is just as disturbing as irrational faith in religion.
  18. Atwas911

    Atwas911 TS Rookie

    you deserve everything your government is soon to do to you..
  19. Tygerstrike

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    First I think youre oversimplifying the situation. Second, it doesnt matter if the politicians are crooked or not. It a Law. I may not agree with it, but as a citizen I have the duty of following the Laws of my country. The Government and Law are two entirly different sections.
    Ok so Demoniod didnt host the files directly, they did however point you to ppl who did. That makes them as culpable as the person who downloaded the pirated material. How you can sit there and bash someone for doing whats right is beyond me.
    You do not have to agree with the actions taken, thats freedom of speech. However if you plan to use the freedom of speech, you have to use everything that goes with it. You cant pick and choose what Laws to follow.
    Also I think your overdramatizing the whole "Family death Law". The shut down of a site vs. the death of your family goes far and beyond anyone sense of credibility. One is the death of your family, the other is the shutdown of a website.
    Really?!? Are you that butthurt that they shutdown your favorite website??
  20. Talk about riding on the long **** of the law.It seems to me that you're saying whatever law has/is initiated, it automatically makes it right. Maybe it should occur to you that some people don't care about petty laws made by corrupted officials.
    Piracy isn't stealing. No official possession is stolen just copied. Piracy is really only wrong if one gets a profit gain from it. There is no loss, even though the RIAA/MIAA blows the loss of revenue out of proportion. 1 download = 1 sales loss is how the put it. Never knowing that a person may just be downloading[for example] to see if said download is an good, and if so one might purchase what they download. They put it like that for ignorant and uninformed people such as yourself. If such information about piracy was true how come its seems to be only affecting American life? China, king of cheap knock-offs and piracy. Even when their hackers are stealing America's corporate secrets, and Congress is doing nothing to stop them. The US has yet to really do anything about it? Why? Because currently America is China's little ***** and it's legal to pirate. So pirating isn't pirating isn't entirely ethically wrong like you would think. China steadily starts to become more sophisticated economy by making their own products.
  21. *So pirating isn't entirely ethnically wrong
  22. Doctor John

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    This is total bosh. Of course helping yourself to a free instance of something which rightly has a price is stealing, just as surely as shoplifting or mugging! (or do you subscribe to that as well?)
    As to the assertion that it is only America's (USA?) problem, not so, certainly an issue in Europe & Australasia, I can't speak for the rest of the world.
  23. No it isn't theft removes the original, piracy doesn't. It makes a copy of it. I basically already said that in my last comment/ (I'm pretty sure you didn't read before you replied.)

    I never heard of shoplifting or mugging incident in which a person exactly copies whatever possession is being "taken" from them. For example I cannot copy a hungryman dinner or a stove. So how is that relevant?

    USA sure has made it more of an issue for Europe and Australia with US's extraditions. They don't call the police state for nothing.
  24. I also like how small minded that statement of yours was.

    How is it do you know that people might pirate just to test something out? Some video games don't have demos and there are people who will buy if the game is good. Software trails that convert most are 50% and don't convert right anyways. So it's hard to tell it's it's any good at all. But if it's any good you bet I would buy it. Because that's what kind of "pirate" I am.
  25. Doctor John

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    If YOU had read MY comment, you would not have seen the word "theft" anywhere!
    Taking a free copy is morally and legally wrong, and you are clearly of limited moral and social intelligence if you think otherwise.

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