Demonoid operators arrested in Mexico, Anonymous vows revenge

By Matthew ยท 82 replies
Aug 9, 2012
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  1. 1. Stealing and theft are both synonyms . No need to flip out.
    2. Really depends on the laws where you are and your stance on the issue. Not everyone has to think like you do, just like how the laws aren't the same as the ones in the US. We all have our own idea of what is moral or immoral so in this way morality is subjective. Isn't there a law in which Americans can be sent to prison without trial or right? Violating the 1rst Amendment, nice double standards.

    My cousin in Indiana let me have her netflix information. Currently netflix doesn't have anything about not having dual users using the same account. My brother let me borrow his PS3 and I completed Twisted Metal. Similar scenarios like this happen everywhere on a mass scale be it, while I don't have the resources to back up it, anyone with a social life would agree with me. Now I know what you might be thinking. "That's not stealing your cousin and your brother gave their consent." However Sony or Netflix did not approve of it. Don't get me wrong Netflix and Sony will be in business for years to come. Like the copying of a woman's purse or a crappy desktop at wal-mart. There are no real incidents in which someone got arrested for sharing a possession.
  2. Doctor John

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    1) Stealing and theft aren't synonyms, contradicting you isn't flipping out, I'll do it again - you were wrong! 2) I don't know much about American law, not even USA law. Morality is universal, not subjective, wrong again.
  3. mailpup

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    Enough arguing about the definition of words. Back on topic please.
  4. Game102

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    Fair enough, but at least have the courtesy of letting me have a chance to edit it.
    Now I have to remember what I said about morality. This doesn't encourage me to say anything much more after this. Especially since there is no Personal Message box for the site[at least to my knowledge]. Morality can be apart of the topic of piracy you know. :[
    @Doctor John
    But to put it bluntly I didn't say moral was subjective,
    In the parts where you said I was wrong in your last comment, I highly suggest you do a little research.
  5. mailpup

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    Since you have registered you may PM ("Conversation") other members once you are inside the TechSpot forums, that is, not from the "Front Page." Guests cannot use that feature.
  6. ANTIjailbreak

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    why dident they use mafiaafire redirector. that allows domain users to register and link their domains so that in the case of seizures the site will be redirected through a mirror which users can still use the site.
  7. Doctor John

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    I'd love to reply, but I don't know what you mean! :confused:
  8. Yes, I torrent because I'm broke as hell and can't afford the damn thing no other way. The record, movie, gaming and comic companies aren't losing a dime from me because I can't afford to buy their products to begin with. I have a feeling most of the people downloading this stuff is in the same situation and shutting down all the torrent sites on the planet won't make a bit of difference in their bottom line.

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