Department of Justice virus

By theRadiantChild
Jul 5, 2014
  1. Got the dreaded "your computer has been blocked by unite states department of justice" virus. Safe mode doesnt work either. Any help would be amazing!

  2. Superdave1941

    Superdave1941 TS Booster Posts: 152

    Hello and welcome to My name is Dave. I will be helping you out with your particular problem on your computer.
    1. I will be working on your Malware issues. This may or may not solve other issues you have with your machine.
    2. The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine.
    3. If you don't know or understand something, please don't hesitate to ask.
    4. Please DO NOT run any other tools or scans while I am helping you.
    5. It is important that you reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.
    6. Your security programs may give warnings for some of the tools I will ask you to use. Be assured, any links I give are safe.
    7. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear.
    If you can't access the internet with your infected computer you will have to download and transfer any programs to the computer you're using now and transfer them to the infected computer with a CD-RW or a USB storage device. I prefer a CD because a storage device can get infected. If you use a storage device hold the shift key down while inserting the USB storage device for about 10 secs. You will also have to transfer the logs you receive back to the good computer using the same method until we can get the computer back on-line.
    I take it from your thread that you can't get into the computer at all. If this is the case, please try this method. If you can boot the computer, please let me know and we'll run some other scans. This rescue disk will allow you to boot your computer. The first thing you should do is save all your important videos, pictures, music and other important files to an external drive, USB memory sticks or DVD's
    Next, run the scan and post the log.

    We are going to be using a Windows Recovery Environment to help disinfect the system so it may boot again.
    Download the OTLPE Standard REATOGO Windows Recovery Environment.
    • Place a blank CD-R disc in to your CD burning drive.
    • Download OTLPEStd.exe and double-click on it to burn to a CD using an ISO Burner. One can be found here.
    • Reboot your system using the boot CD you just created.
    • Note : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps here
    • Your system should now display a REATOGO-X-PE desktop.
    • Double-click on the OTLPE icon.
    • When asked "Do you wish to load the remote registry", select Yes
    • When asked "Do you wish to load remote user profile(s) for scanning", select Yes
    • Ensure the box "Automatically Load All Remaining Users" is checked and press OK
    • OTL should now start. Change the following settings
    • Change Drivers to Non-Microsoft
    • Press Run Scan to start the scan.
    • When finished, the file will be saved in drive C:\_OTL\MovedFiles
    • Copy this file to your USB drive if you do not have internet connection on this system
    • Please post the contents of the OTL.txt file in your reply.
  3. theRadiantChild

    theRadiantChild TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 386

    I ended up using Kaspersky rescue cd and got the virus. I am able to login to windows now. Ran a malwarebytes scan and cleaned the remainder of trojans. All is well now. Go ahead and close this out. Thanks!
  4. Superdave1941

    Superdave1941 TS Booster Posts: 152

    Ok. You're welcome.

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