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Nov 5, 2009
  1. Hi friends,

    i have recently installed a game in my pc. it was working fine but was re-starting often .. but was working fine ,so i didnt bother

    Suddenly yesterday.. it went and off and didnt restart it is getting stuck at hthe point for which i have attached a screen shot...

    My configuration is Intel P4, 2.66Ghz processor , 512 mb DDR RAM ,80GB HDD..

    the game min requirements says it needs only 256mb RAM. so i didnt mind going ahead..

    i opened the cpu .. checked the RAM slot and infact changed it to second slot and tried but its not starting.. can anyone help me to find the problem..
  2. kimsland

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  3. Ritwik7

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    Try clearing your CMOS. It might help.
  4. gururajendrak

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    hi Kimsland,

    Thanks for the inputs,.. before i try whats given there 2 clarifications i need

    1. If i remove the CMOS battery and replace it with a new battery will that reset CMOS.

    2. In case i want to change the jumper. can i change it any slot or are there any specific slots to short the jumper.. do i need to start the PC to check the jumper is short or not.. can you pls explain.

  5. kimsland

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    You need to confirm the Bios Reset sequence through your Motherboard (or computer manufacturer) manual
    Usually, its just a matter of temporarily removing the CMOS battery and then locating the Reset jumper (in most cases this is colored Red, and sits right next to the CMOS battery) and then shorting the jumper across two pins

    Seeming you like taking pictures, you could attach a clear picture of the CMOS battery and its immediate surrounding areas
    Otherwise just do the above
  6. gururajendrak

    gururajendrak TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I did try replacing the CMOS battery with a new battery.. still no use.. but parallely i got a similar ddr1 RAM from a friend of mine and fixed it in my pc.. its working fine.. it seems that my RAM is gone..

    I tried keeping my RAM in the second slot with my friend's in one slot still no use..

    so its confirm that its gone.. do you think i am right???
  7. kimsland

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    Yes looks as though faulty 512Meg Ram module
    A really old idea was to use a pencil eraser on the Ram bus contact, hopefully removing any dirt that could be there, and then try testing it with it in again

    But Ram cards do become faulty, actually it tends to be the number 1 hardware fault in computers strangely.
    Someone should make a Ram card that doesn't fault, or better yet, make a motherboard with 2gig of Ram integrated into the board, maybe then it won't fault
  8. gururajendrak

    gururajendrak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ya.. your idea is good.. may be in some time we can see that devopt too..

    I have another concern..

    I have installed a Game Empire Earth II.. while playing due to heavy grapics on the screen it tends to slow down .. i mean i can feel the mouse is not moving as normal and feel its slowing down.. i checked with 1gb ram now ( ithought 512 is not sufficeint).. but still the problem persists,...

    Is it because that needs a Graphics card or something.. my PC is an old one 2005 and the mother board is from GIGABYTE.. i am not sure i dont have any graphics card in my pc to my knowledge..

    Can you tell me where to look for a graphics card and how to choose one if in case i need to buy.....pls help.
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