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Oct 22, 2008
  1. Quick question,

    Is there a reliable way to setup a secure dedicated webmail server at my home using a dedicated computer and a DHCP cable line (15m-D,2m-U)? If so, what is the difficulty level of this on a 1-5 scale (5 - able to write your own drivers, 1 - can hook up a computer)?

    Also, where is a good place to read about how large scale network infrastructure and management works? I'd really like to learn about how server grade routers, firewalls and the like work. The most I know is to connect to xx.xx.xx.xx (ip) to configure my linksys router. I appreciate all your direction and thought (and time).

  2. geekygirl63

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    Are you looking to become an emal service provider? Have you looked into using a service provider like godaddy or something like that. They have email hosting packages that are very reasonably priced.

    Ihave not set up a webmail server but there will be a few software packages you will need to install and configure. What do you consider your level of expertise?
  3. guitto

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    To be totally honest, the web mail server, and in the future hopefully, a personal SFTP server (to access my files anywhere) would be for 3 people, 1 is family, other is trusted friend. We don't really plan on selling mail accounts, but thats not saying that hasnt crossed our minds. But, first I would like to be able to set one up for myself.

    I guess its just me, but rather than using godaddy or any other provider, I'd like to do it myself, I think I have the resources, so why not go through the learning experience.

    My level of expertise is about 3/5 on windows, 3/5 on mac os x 5, 2/5 fedora, ubuntu.

    I heard that debian has apache and Sendmail built into their software package, but my main concern is the DHCP, non static i.p. I'd be willing to upgrade my line to a static commercial package, but wanted to know for sure.

    Also, another note on the SFTP idea, the 3 of us have about 2TB of info we would like to be able to upload seperately of eachother. In addition to this, we would like to host 2 websites, which I doubt would require a lot of bandwith given they will normally only be accessed by us and a limited client base (business website for contact info).
  4. geekygirl63

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    Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you want to do. I haven't ever attempted such a feat but there are some really good resources on the web and some good books you might want to invest in. You didnt mention the type of system and what OS you are running. I will send some resources when i get to my house. I have some good links on my other computer.
  5. guitto

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    I appreciate all your input. Currently my main gaming rig uses Win32 XP, next to that is OS X 10.3.5, next to my "torrenting" pc (fasted way for me to get open source) with ubuntu 8.04 with KDE installed to switch between KDE and gnome. My mobile pc which I would use to access files from the FTP runs Vista32.
  6. jobeard

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    You should consider your goals and the pros/cons before going too far on this project.
    You will incur a good size work list, the need to provide support and software updates
    and your users will still be subject to spam and email attached virus'.

    So I move the question WHY?

    Here are the requirements for providing an email service;
    1. a public domain name (which will get you an IP address)
    2. have your ISP update there DNS to include your new IP address
    3. some hardware/os
    4. software for receiving
    5. software for sending
    On windows, the Exchange Server provides (4-5), on a Linux platform, Sendmail will performe (5), and there are a couple of other programs for (4)
  7. tipstir

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    I ran mail server here it's okay to do at first you need a lot of protection as you would be pulling in everything that ISP webnet mail would catch instead, but you would be doing it.

    Merak Icewarp - powerful more like microsoft exchange server though have fun
    Deskview - Windows base very easy to setup server an webmail clients.
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