Diablo III server debacle demonstrates the problem with ‘always-online’ games

By Julio Franco · 66 replies
May 15, 2012
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  1. Money well spent for that game huh?

    Try Path of Exile. It is just as good as Diablo 3 if not better in many ways, and it's practically free.
  2. Ugh, another of these *****s. The internet sure needed another misguided chump to be an apologist for the mainstream game industry.

    Listen, if I buy a product, can't use the product AT ALL...why don't I get to complain about it?
  3. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    So they can do as they please but I can't come online and voice my opinions because...

    You own the internet?
    ActivisionBlizzard owns the internet?
    I'll be chased by the thought police?
    I'll catch e-herpes from posting?

    They can do whatever they want with their product, it's not gonna stop me from telling them where they can shove it and calling out anyone who let themselves be fooled (yet again) by a Blizzard product.

    Continue to lower your standards, I'm sure when you start drowning in the pool of piss you jumped into, you will realize those laughing at you from the kiddie pools with actual water won't seem so "entitled".

    If you do end up replying to this, your answer will be the following:

    "Yeah, well, my pool is bigger and piss is just like water so it's not much of a difference."
  4. I was wondering why they're turning offline games to online games, sure alot of people would still buy the game to support blizzard, since it's an epic one, but is it really that rewarding not to log in your favorite game because of servers overflowing? this issue is practically the same with Assassins Creed 2's DRM, if you got caught out of the internet it's goodbye for you. they're turning things down for OFFLINE just to prevent piracy.. a minor EFFORT that can't be prevented worldwide. this really creates a hole in the game and might want to make you say "screw that.."
  5. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 953   +515

    Glad I've decided to stay away from such games. I think Dragon's Dogma will fill my appetite. Been a while since I've played a good action-rpg...
  6. Rasta211

    Rasta211 TS Booster Posts: 215   +32

    I think blizzard should just clarify the way they sell the game. It should be
    "Pay 60$ to rent the use of the game from us for an undisclosed amount of time"
    "Have you credit card ready for additional download content".
  7. This is a joke for a company who earn so much....... you can't prevent piracy, you can only react to piracy. If play a single player game also need to online and this is the only way u can react this is a joke for those who pay to play. Pay $75-$99 for a game like this is overprice.......
  8. It wasn't just due to piracy but also to prevent duping, remember D1/D2 days... yeh you don't. But this could be prevented with authentication where the service would check the stats / items of the player.

    $75-$100 for a game? Being ''overpriced'' is a stupid term, it depends how the individual defines ''overpriced''. If you go have a night out it will be $100+, Cinema $50 (I live in the EU so don't know US prices). D3 offers 10hrs+ of entertainment with around another 5 hours of error and queue times :p
  9. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    This is your argument:

    I don't know why people are complaining, I mean, the game has problems, but since I have such abysmally low standards everyone should be okay with it, so stop complaining!

    At least you were right in the first part, you are People.

    This is 2012, there's games out there that don't suffer from duping and don't have to deal with DRM for it. This explanation is invalid, any further defense only serves to prove how lazy Blizzard is.

    I don't care where you live, how much you have to pay, or what it's actually worth to you, just don't scratch your head and wonder why people are calling you out for paying more than the norm. Makes you look worse when you turn around and try to spout your apologist bullshit at the rest of us like you were forced to buy it and didn't get a choice in the matter.
  10. Omg you people, it's 2012 not 1999. Internet penetration is greater than ever, it can. E said that it's uncommon t have Internet connection at home. As people pointed out,u undt connect to the servers during 1st hour, after that it's was fine. Peak ours start at 6pm when people coming home from work.

    If you that sensitive about online play, learn to deal with it because that is where industry headed, why do think sc2 doesnt support LAN play, sole reason for that was to prevent piracy. I fully support blizzard decision about it, if you don't have stable Internet connection, I'll let u know that I live in centrial Asian country where broadband was introducted 4-5 years ago and even then my Diablo expirince is smooth and I do play on eu servers.
  11. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,372   +69

    Don't give me that a movie costs $50. You can rent the blu ray dvd for $1.50 at redbox, or get it free at the library.
  12. When will publishers realize that this stupid-*** always-online DRM is KILLING GAMING?!?!
  13. This game doesn't deserve any cents of mine.
    12 years after diablo came out!
    Hell yeah...
    What the hell?
    This is a crapy copy of War Craft...
    Same design, same engine... Diablo Story...
    Just a mod of WoW, they are only WoW players who like this game.

    I knew series of Diablo has been dead, but I also was hoping may The Legend will come back.
    What a shame!
    R.I.H[ell]. DIABLO :/
  14. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    Another apologist.that completely misses the point. Or a paid defense marketer.
  15. It's funny... because this is the sole reason why I'm still contemplating on buying the game... what does that mean?... Me.... someone who is not pirating the game... a paying customer... funny how this works. You think it's not a big issue, check everywhere else on google and see the ratio of negative to positive feedback, I'm sure the internet is a large enough sample size to estimate the majority's feelings.
  16. Give it 3 more weeks Thailand will have single players only games for about $6.00 They have already broken the coding to edit the online gold to full up. There is only 2 places where to buy a possible legitimate cd of any game 2 hours from where I live.The only way I would play Diablo 3 is a hacked single player version. But for now I play d2 modded games Median & Marcos Ultimative will blow the doors off of any of the lame programmers that they hire. If they were smart they would offer some of the modding wizards to create Challenging & BALANCED games. Activision & bliz have yet to really figure out what Balance is in any of the Diablo games they ever created!
    Online only WHAAAAAT:eek:
  17. The problem is, so many people played D2 off battlenet, we used to have huge lan parties with 3-4 games going conccurently, sharing items between games, I could give a flying crap about dupes or hacks, and as far as piracy goes they could fix this by just making it connect for a moment. Now, without realizing it I've bought a game that only one computer (out of the three copies of the game I bought, to go along with the three brand new machines I also purchased for the game) can play at a time because where I live there is no cable internet, no DSL. Satellite is useless for gaming, so I'm stuck with a 3g hotspot (which I had to buy 3 wireless cards to even find out it was not going to work, since I had it tethered and using ICS beforehand)

    To summarize, I purchased 3 machines, 3 copies of diablo, and now because of the lack of connectivity in my area can at most connect one of these at a time to the game I bought to play with my wife and child. Whereas, if there was some connect to the server to authenticate then allow a lan game option, we could be enjoying the $2500 I just dropped to play one of my (past) favorite franchises. On top of this, they don't even take refunds, excellent!

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