Digital Pet/High tech micro-zoo?

By dividebyzero
Aug 16, 2010
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  1. Victoria University in New Zealand have developed a successor to the Tamagotchi craze, that they have called a Tardigotchi...that incorporates a micro-organism- A Tardigrade (apparently also known as "Water Bears")- living within an electro-mechanical system.
    Story here and the wiki entry for the liitle Tardigrade here
    The Tardigotchi was awarded first prize in the digital language category at the 2010 Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) presently being held in São Paulo, Brazil.
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    This might cause ethical concerns...
  3. dividebyzero

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    Greenpeace is very active in this country. I'll update the post if they attempt to stage a raid to release the Water Bears.

    If the device/micro-aquarium becomes a saleable item, they may look at substituting a more primative life form such as a mould, yeast or fast-food drive-thru service operator.
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    (through a really bad speaker) ..."you want primordial soup with that?"

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